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Lover's dogs may cause split!

I have been living with my boyfriend from past 18 months. The trouble is...his dogs! He has two of them and they are kept in my kitchen. Now I can't stand them...

india Updated: Aug 23, 2006 17:48 IST


Lover's dogs may cause split!

I love my boyfriend very much. We have been living together for 18 months now and he moved 200 miles to be with me. The trouble is...his dogs! He has two of them and they are kept in my kitchen. Now I can't stand going in there unless I have to. I have just had a new kitchen put in but I am unable to enjoy it because of these two smelly filthy mutts. I don't know what to do because he will never give them up and he has told me that. I fear we are going to split up over this and we both know it. Please help me!


How much is too much?

I am a 16 -year-old guy. I have been masturbating since I was 11. Over the years, I have begun to do it more often, sometimes even twice or thrice a day. I feel sleepy and a little strange too. Should I slow down? How often should I do it? Also, can masturbating use up too many growth hormones and not let me grow as I normally would? I've noticed lot of changes in my facial structure. Can this be related to masturbating?


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'I am wife of two brothers!'

I am from a traditional Hindu family. My husband has one younger brother. Both are working abroad but husband took six months vacation to stay back with me and after that his brother took six months off. Later my husband convinced his brother not to marry so he could share his brother's wife, that is, me! Now I am playing wife to two brothers and gave birth to two kids also. Both brothers are working and even investing for us. Now the question: Is this normal? Will it harm my health by having relations with two men? Is there any legal issue involved? Whenever I remind my men about the morality of this life, they say that we are leading a short life in this world and no other rules prohibit us to lead such a lifestyle. Please guide me.


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
You are married to only one man and it is very much within the law. You are just a mistress of the younger brother, as you never got married to him. The children can address the brothers in any way they have been taught but they will have to use the name of your legally wedded husband for father's name for the reason of legitimacy. Sexual relationship so long as is confined to this threesome does not have any harmful physical effect. Counsellors are not professionally competent to give comments on moral issues as they are expected to be non-judgmental in their approach. Moral issues are dealt with by the religious leaders or are handled at the personal level.


'Thought of a girl excites me'

I am a 29-year-old boy. I have indulged too much in masturbation from my teen years and now I feel I am too weak to get married. I don't have any girlfriend. I am suffering from nightfall and premature ejaculation too. Just the feeling of a girl with me excites me so much that semen comes out. My problem is that I am going to be married soon but I am sure I will not be able to enjoy my married life because of sexual weakness. I want to get treated. Please tell me how to go about it.


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
Medically speaking masturbation even when indulged in from teenage is harmless and is not a cause for premature ejaculation or excessive excitement like having an ejaculation at the very thought of a girl. Later is not a disease but a matter of discipline. For premature ejaculation you should see a doctor before getting married. Sexual experience before marriage has never prescribed by the doctors. There are no rehearsals in real life.


First Published: Aug 23, 2006 17:48 IST