Principle behind New Age healing processes

What makes New Age healing so different is that it is based on the 'heal and rejuvenate' principle, rather than the 'fight and destroy'.
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Published on Mar 31, 2004 05:37 PM IST
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PTI | By Veena Minocha

The natural responses of our body to any form of disease, or wound have been through the white blood cells, which form the bedrock of our immune system.

Whenever there is a 'dis-ease' in any part of the body, the blood rushes there, and along with its white blood cells, encircles all that needs to be destroyed, fights it in a fierce battle, and restores a sense of 'ease', as opposed to 'dis-ease'. Whoever wins this battle depends on the strength of our immune systems.

This can be classified as the typical 'fight and destroy' syndrome. For aeons we have used this mentality to counter-effect all that threatens to put us in a state of 'dis-ease'.

Our blood cells are very familiar with this strategy, and it has become a reflex action to counter effect all physical problems. This has been in tandem with our own psychological processes, which urge us to fight and destroy all that looms like a threat to our existence. Great battles have been fought, some merely at the slightest hint of insecurity, through this kind of threat perception.

The New Age perception to 'threat' is however diagonally opposed to the established methods of 'warfare' on disease of any kind. This attitudinal change has been brought about by New Age Healers, who have realized that fighting against something merely tends to deplete resources of our strength.

Look at the huge losses in warfare, in terms of manpower and finances, and we can compare it to the loss of physical cells and lowered immunity, leading to extensive recuperation periods. This snowballs further, leading to loss of valuable time, resources and energy levels, through old energy methods of healing.

What makes New Age Healing Attitudes so different is that they are based on the 'heal and rejuvenate' principle, so that the energy involved in the 'fight and destroy' method is conserved.

It is the principle of pouring in healing energies into the diseased cells, to restore their strength, rather than destroy the cells themselves. It becomes a process of rejuvenation, rather than a process of killing what is a natural part of our body. After all, when we have hurt our arm, for instance, do we go all out to amputate the arm, rather than restore it to its original functioning? At the micro-level, that is exactly what we were doing to our diseased cells. The New Age Attitudinal Healing is geared to restore the imbalance, and rejuvenate the body.

The after effects of such healing becomes an instantly available new-found strength and energy, which is the exact opposite of using drugs to kill parts of ourselves, and then have a tedious recuperative period, waiting tiredly and listlessly for the body to replace them.

Whether you use Reiki, Sujoke and Reflexology, Acupuncture, Crystal Therapy, Magneto-Therapy, or any other such Healing Energies, the net result is far more beneficial, and translates into an increased feeling of instantaneous well-being, after the treatment is completed.
Next week we shall explore how the 'thymus' gland can be used to accomplish various healings.

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