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Spirit of Mother Earth: Part 2

Scientists are now getting used to the idea that consciousness changes physics, so how does that make you feel?

india Updated: Jan 01, 2004 17:37 IST

2Unpredictable, and therefore frightening to humans, seems Mother Earth's way of restoring balance to her soul and consciousness. The recent earthquake in Bam, Iran killing thousands of innocent people sleeping peacefully at 5.30 am in their safe beds, appears like Divine Retribution for the sins of those who happen to live, and die, there.

When we look deeper into the situation, it becomes clearer that it was merely Nature's way of shaking herself off to restore her equilibrium in the Middle East. A very simple analogy would be that of a dog who gets wet, really dripping wet. It shakes uncontrollably until all the extra wetness is showered out from his body. And when he feels that the weight of the remaining water is something that his body can easily cope with, he stops.

When we burden Mother Earth with intolerable amounts of negative energy, a natural correction has to take place, and the Earth moves, causing an earthquake, to restore it to a balanced state. Yet you ask, once again, how is it that humans burden Mother Earth? How is it that she reacts to human activity, good or bad?

When the underlying principle of who, or what our planet Earth is, is resolved in our minds, then the answers follow precisely and distinctly. Gaia, as she is known, is a living entity, with a consciousness so vast that she can support the myriads and trillions of life forms feeding off her, and all life is sustained by her.

When we go down the food chain we realize that every cell of our bodies is a by-product of food, whether vegetable or animal, ingested from the vast production-house and storehouse of Earth. As such, this symbiotic relationship with her becomes our link to each and every thought, emotion, word, and act that we consciously, or unconsciously undertake. The consciousness of the planet is something that humans can change, for example the weather.

When I have said that the consciousness of the Earth is like A Mother's consciousness, does it not seem logical that when we honour the Earth, send her our most loving thoughts, and wishes, she would feel happy and respond to these in a glorious manner of blessing us, like a human Mother would do? Does not the human Mother 'feel' every emotion that her child feels? Does not the human Mother respond to every small desire that her child expresses? Even if that desire is not for the highest good of the child, in the long run? Our Mother Earth thus literally responds instinctively to each one who lives on her surface! So when we ask for clear skies and glorious weather, what do you think we should expect in return?

Scientists are now getting used to the idea that consciousness changes physics, so how does that make you feel? Do you not feel 'in-charge' of your Mother Earth? Would not her heart-beat respond to yours? This is the physical bond that we have with Gaia. Next week we shall explore our Spiritual bond with her.

First Published: Jan 01, 2004 17:02 IST