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'Women in swimsuits can never tire'

Atul Kasbekar, man behind the success of Kingfisher Swimsuit Special, unveils the beauty of the calendar.Calendar Pics | Download Wallpapers

india Updated: Jan 11, 2006 11:45 IST
Uma Nair
Uma Nair

He is more than just the lensman who has shot a sensational spread of King Khan and a host of other celebrities. Atul Kasbekar is India's ace fashion photographer who has given the country a modern day version of Pirelli in the form of 'Kingfisher Swimsuit Special 2006'.

While on a fashion shoot, he shares a few exclusive moments with this correspondent.

Shooting Down Under
What was different in this calendar from the sun, surf and sand featured earlier? "One million sheep, 3 months of strict high protein diets for the six gorgeous models along with rigorous training followed by 5 a.m. wake up calls for thirteen days in a row with equipment film and waiting for the light," says Atul in Mumbai. "We decided to do it differently so Vijay Mallya suggested getting away so we went to Australia.

From the city of Cairns, the magnificent Great Barrier Reef, Sydney and then to the Kangaroo Island (Kangaroo Island is one of Australia's great scenic treasures populated by 4,000 residents andone million sheep). We looked at locales that would bring on an elusive tone," he added.

Yana out, Deepika in
In a breakaway of sorts, this year's calendar will feature 22 new upcoming designers from 12 design schoolsin India including NID, NIFT, SNDT, Srishti & Sophia Polytechnic. These designs will be showcased by Karishma Kotak, Mashoom Singha, Neelam Chauhan, Deepika Padukone, Shilpa Reddy and Shruti Agarwal,with an exclusive cover done by Wendell Rodricks.

So, no Rohini Tiwari? No Yana Gupta? "No, you know I was the one who brought Rohini Tiwari to India in the first place. Yes, you can see some great work of Rohini with Nathaniel Goldberg in the French Vogue, in the American Vogue with Patrick Demarchelier and in a beauty feature for Harper's Bazaar," states Kasbekar.

Camera Caress
The calendar has rare views of a lighthouse balcony and moody dawns and dusks. One of the finest shots is Shilpa Reddy with her hair falling in careless strands on her face.

"I've used 'Fill Flash' technique. In that particular shot of Shilpa's she has posed with the sun behind her during sunset. I used a flashlight for the model positioned at the top right of the camera. The camera is positioned in such a manner that you can see the sun shining right below her arm pit because of which the sparkling effect results. Light interference in the lens has been avoided by keeping the reading of the ambient light (sun light) down by 2 stops," explains Atul.

Check out Launch of Kingfisher 2006 Calendar.Stunning pics

"Photography is, above all, ideology before being a technique and an art. Models, from time to time, offer new hypotheses of beauty and integrate themselves photographically into the landscape," states Atul.

"I don't generally use reflectors and certainly not in this particular shot because the flash light is used as the fill in this situation to light up the subject against the main light source which is the Sun," he tell us.

Skin Sheen
Kasbekar's camera gives a sparkling effect of moisture on the arms and legs. Explains the lensman, "The sparkling effect has been given by shooting exactly when the sun is seen below her arm. You will notice that the model's body eclipses the sun and this sparkling effect is created when only part of the sun is visible. It's exactly like the diamond ring effect during the solar eclipse as soon as the moon starts slowly drifting away between the sun and earth. It requires a lot of concentration and patience by the photographer."

Ah! Women...
"Oh, I am excited by the whole person, the face and the body! And it has been great to tap the magic in their faces. Let's face it - you can never tire of seeing women in swimsuits and bikinis," he quips.

His dream place to shoot? "Ladakh with its high altitudes. I know it's tough but that's one of my dreams," he ponders.


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First Published: Jan 10, 2006 16:39 IST