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Interior decor tips: Creating a positive work environment with these 15 spiritual biophilic design ideas

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
Oct 18, 2023 04:34 PM IST

Cultivate a harmonious balance, ignite inspiration and enhance productivity at work with these 15 biophilic office design ideas by interior decor experts

The biophilic design recognises that humans have a deep connection with the natural world, which has shaped our evolutionary development for countless years while in contrast, the relatively recent emergence of urban and industrial environments, spanning a few centuries, does not align with our inherent adaptability. Therefore, biophilic design aims to incorporate elements of nature to enhance the physical and psychological well-being of individuals who regularly inhabit these urban spaces.

Interior decor tips: Creating a positive work environment with these 15 spiritual biophilic design ideas (Photo by Antoni Shkraba on Pexels)
Interior decor tips: Creating a positive work environment with these 15 spiritual biophilic design ideas (Photo by Antoni Shkraba on Pexels)

In light of this, Sammeer Pakvasa, Managing director and CEO at Eleganz Interiors, suggested 10 spiritual biophilic designs for your office that will help reduce stress and promote heightened productivity by harnessing the positive impacts of sensory engagement with the environment -

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  1. Incorporating Greenery: Bringing plants and vegetation into your workspace invites the serene essence of nature indoors. Plants enhance the visual appeal and improve air quality, fostering a tranquil environment, promoting well-being, and reducing stress.
  2. Harnessing Natural Light: Creating abundant natural light in your workspace cultivates a radiant and welcoming atmosphere. Furthermore, scientific studies have confirmed that natural light boosts productivity, enhances mood, and regulates our body's internal clock, improving well-being and heightened alertness.
  3. Nature-Inspired Design Elements: Integrating design elements that emulate nature, including natural textures, colours and materials, you establish a harmonious link with the natural world. This evokes a serene and stabilising influence, enriching the office atmosphere and nurturing a favourable work environment.
  4. Embracing Organic Shapes: Infusing your workspace design with organic and natural forms can elicit a feeling of harmony and equilibrium. The curved lines, flowing contours, and biomorphic shapes resonate with our inherent affinity for nature, creating a visually appealing and calming environment.
  5. Stimulating Sensory Experiences: Biophilic design stimulates various senses, and incorporating elements such as water features, natural scents, textured materials, and ambient nature sounds establishes a sensory bond with nature, allowing for a restoration of inner peace and a heightened connection to the natural world.
  6. Nurturing a Plant-Based Relationship: Biophilic design reestablishes the connection between humans and nature, harmoniously blending themes of order, safety, complexity, and curiosity to create a workspace that resonates with nature.
  7. Meditation Rooms: Designating dedicated meditation spaces and relieving stress creates a serene environment. Allocating a room specifically intended for these purposes enhances the overall ambiance, providing individuals with a tranquil space for relaxation and rejuvenation.
  8. Use of Natural Sounds: Incorporating natural sounds, such as the gentle flow of water or the melodious chirping of birds, stimulates the mind and promotes relaxation. These soothing auditory elements are calming, helping individuals unwind and find serenity in their environment.
  9. Nature-based Artworks: Nature-based artworks, inspired by the beauty of the natural world, contribute to relaxation in a similar manner to soothing sounds. These artistic representations of nature evoke a sense of calmness and serenity, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in the tranquillity of the depicted landscapes or organic forms.
  10. Open Spaces: Incorporating open spaces in the office environment facilitates clearer thinking and improved focus, in contrast to a cluttered workspace. The presence of open areas provides a sense of freedom and expansiveness, allowing the mind to roam and concentrate more effectively.

Bringing his expertise to the same, Preetam Pratap Tipale, Managing Director and CEO at Gira Infra, recommended -

  1. Open Spaces with Natural Light: Design offices with wide windows or skylights to harness the power of natural light, boost mood and productivity. Furthermore, open spaces symbolise freedom and spaciousness, helping employees feel less restricted.
  2. Water Elements: Incorporate fountains or small indoor water bodies in the office. The calming sound of water flowing can act as white noise, fostering focus and decreasing stress. Water is a powerful spiritual symbol of purification and flow, representing adaptability and resilience.
  3. Use of Natural Materials: Wood, stone, bamboo, and other natural materials connect the indoor environment to the natural world. These elements create a calming, grounding effect, imparting a sense of stability and serenity.
  4. Meditation Zones: A dedicated space for meditation or yoga can provide employees a refuge to retreat, breathe and realign. Adorn this space with soothing colours, soft light and essential oils to enhance the spiritual ambiance.
  5. Plant Therapy: Strategic placement of plants can improve air quality and provide employees a natural environment, reducing stress and boosting mood. Using plants such as bamboo or bonsai can also introduce an element of Zen philosophy, encouraging mindfulness.

Embarking on creating a biophilic office through these design ideas is an excellent way to cultivate a harmonious balance, ignite inspiration and enhance productivity while fostering a profound connection with the natural world in the work environment.

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