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Hair care: Ombreyage technique of hair colour, tips to choose right look for you

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi
Jan 07, 2023 09:11 PM IST

The ‘Dimension-Ombreyage collection’ has varied hair colour looks. If you are planning to colour your hair, here are some of the trending looks of the season, the Ombreyage technique of hair colour and tips by hair care experts on how to choose the right look for you

Ombreyage is the au-courant hair colour technique that is set to rule the world of hair colour and it is a blend of two words - ombre which means shaded and balayage which means sweeping. The technique involves a dark-to-light-shaded movement in a sweeping way where it blends dark hair colour with light hair colour on the ends.

Hair care: Ombreyage technique of hair colour, tips to choose right look for you (Churckyno Bryant)

In this technique, the stylist hand-paints the colour onto the hair. The ‘Dimension-Ombreyage collection’ has varied hair colour looks and some of the trending looks of the season are - Crimson, Sandstone, Pearl and Auburn Ombreyage.

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In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Heena Dalvi, National Technical Head at Godrej Professional, suggested, “Choosing the right hair colour depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Hair colour draws inspiration from conversation and experiences. Thus, having a candid talk with your stylist is important. This can help boost confidence and help your stylist understand your choices better.”

She advised, “For people who are open to vivid and bold colours, I recommend Crimson Ombreyage. This look is inspired by deep red and violet colours of cherries and rubies. It works beautifully for all skin tones because of its dimensional blend of hues. Combine this with a classic inverted layering haircut and style to maintain a perfect balance of movement and texture. This look is a stunning option for those who wish to stand out from the crowd! For a more subdued look I would say go for the Pearl Ash Ombreyage. It enhances the shades of blonde and brings out the depth of the colour. Pearl blonde creates a soft texture given the cool tones of the colour and compliments all skin tones. This hair colour look is the underdog of hair colours and quietly shines from within.”

According to hair stylist Najeeb-ur-Rehman, ombreyage is about creating smooth dimensional transition through cut, colour, shape and texture. He revealed, “Pearl Square is a versatile cut style that suits every hair type. It’s a short square look with variable styling that goes particularly well with the Pearl Ash Ombreyage colour. It gives volume to your hair and is perfect for those looking to add a luxurious style statement to their hair. This hair cut style will suit every personality and identity.”

Asserting that the creative possibilities with hair colour are endless, Ryan D’Rozario, Celebrity Stylist and owner of MUAH salon, said, “The new Ombreyage hair colour unfolds different dimensions and elements, to compliment it with personality. The Auburn Ombreyage brings out the skin tone and the client's personality. It creates a perfect blend of colour and cut that not only brightens but also enhances your skin tone. This beautiful hair colour can be a perfect addition to your style. It not only adds colour to hair but also to life! It is a perfect choice for those wishing to feel more confident in their skin, inside and out!”

Sylvia Chen, Celebrity Hairdresser and owner of Butterfly Pond Salon, gushed, “The Ombreyage hair colour technique is a visual treat that makes every head turn. A change in hair colour can give you a new identity and encourage you to be your unapologetic self. The Sandstone Ombreyage hair colour is a youthful look that falls gracefully on the face with or without styling. You can couple it with curtain bangs, straight fringe, or any popular hairstyle of the season. This pairs well with the warm tones of the winter season. It draws inspiration from the earthy tones of nature and has an infusion of cool and warm tones. The blonde shades along with a classic mid-length haircut stand out giving you that golden glow to complement your look.”

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