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Dry ginger vs fresh ginger: 4 reasons why dry ginger is better than fresh ginger

By, New Delhi
Aug 30, 2023 06:19 PM IST

Dry ginger water should be preferred for gas and bloating compared to fresh ginger tea as the latter increases Vata while former balances it.

Ginger not only improves taste and flavour of your food, but it is also used in Ayurveda for treating digestive disorders, cold and cough. Fresh ginger and dry ginger have different properties as per the ancient medicinal practice. While fresh ginger in combination with jaggery stimulates digestive fire and loosens stools, dry ginger helps with gas, bloating and also with constipation. Fresh ginger also treats cough, fever, vomiting et al. Dry ginger can help in asthma and chronic respiratory diseases. Fresh ginger should be avoided in case of skin diseases, bleeding disorders, anaemia, burning sensation etc. (Also read: Ginger for healthy hair: Exploring its amazing benefits for hair growth and ways to incorporate it into your routine)

Ayurvedically dry ginger is considered better than fresh ginger. Dry ginger is better for gas, bloating compared to fresh ginger(Shutterstock)

"Ayurvedically dry ginger is considered better than fresh ginger. Dry ginger is better for gas, bloating compared to fresh ginger. Fresh ginger increases Vata while dried ginger balances Vata. Hence chewing fresh ginger or drinking fresh ginger tea for gas, bloating is not a great idea. Take dry ginger water instead," says Dr Rekha Radhamony in her recent Instagram post.

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Dr Radhamony also shares why dry ginger is better than fresh ginger when it comes to treatment of certain disorders.

Great for constipation

Inspite of being absorbent (grahi) dry ginger is a mild laxative and great for constipation. If you find it difficult to pass bowels in the morning, drink a glass of dry ginger water.


Dried ginger has the property of 'snigdha' or non-drying. Hence it's good for long-term use. But fresh ginger is drying (rooksha) and hence use once in a while.

Reduces mucus

Dried ginger is kapha decreasing while fresh ginger increases Kapha. Hence dry ginger water works great in seasonal flu, cold cough and most upper respiratory tract disorders.

How to consume dry ginger

The easiest way to consume dry ginger is by boiling 2 glasses of water with 1 inch piece of dry ginger, reduce to 1 glass and drink up.

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