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Mother's Day 2024: From ragi waffles to sattu parathe, 5 heart winning breakfast-in-bed recipes to spoil your mom

By, New Delhi
May 08, 2024 01:29 PM IST

This Mother's Day, surprise your Mom with breakfast in bed! Treat her to a delightful morning feast with our selection of easy and delicious recipes.

Get ready to celebrate moms as Mother's Day 2024 is just around the corner. The special occasion will be celebrated this year with much pomp and enthusiasm on Sunday, May 12. Nothing makes Indian mothers happier than having a delicious meal prepared for them in the morning by their children, using all their favourite ingredients. While there are many recipe ideas available online, most of them are based on dishes from around the world, making it very rare to find ones that include Indian ingredients. This list includes recipes that are delicious, easy, and perfect for eating in bed. Therefore, put on your cooking apron and hat and get ready to surprise your mom with a delicious homemade meal this Mother's Day. (Also read: Looking for a special Mother's Day breakfast idea? Try making homemade strawberry jam; check easy recipe inside )

Whip Up a Delicious Breakfast for Mom this Mother's Day

Surprise your mom this Mother's Day with easy and delicious breakfast-in-bed recipes. (Chef Radhe Bihari)

Chef Radhe Bihari, Sous Chef, and The Ashok, shared with HT Lifestyle some easy and delicious recipes to treat mothers to a delightful morning feast.

1. Peas and beetroot pitha with pyaz aur tamatar ki chutney

Peas and beetroot pitha with pyaz aur tamatar ki chutney (Chef Radhe Bihari)
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For Kakra Pitha Dough


1. Semolina flour: - 200gms

2. Water: - 400gms

3. Ajwain: - 5gms

4. Bay leave:- 01 No

5. Salt: - As required

6. Refined Oil: -20ml

Stuffing: -

1. Beetroot: - 100gms

2. Green peas: - 50 gms

3. kismis: -20gms

4. Potato: - 100gms

5. Ginger: -30gms

6. Green chilly: -`10gms

7. Salt: - As required

8. Coriander leaves: -10gms

9. Mint leaves: - 4-5 Nos

10. Oil for deep frying of pitha

For tomato and onion chutney

1. Tomato:- 200gms

2. Onion- 100gms

3. Green chilly:-10gms

4. Mustard oil for tempering:- 20ml

5. Mustard seed:-5gms

6. Red chilly whole:- 01 No


For making dough:-

1. Boil water with salt, ajwain, tejpatta and oil.

2. Add semolina flour in the boiling water and cook it for few minutes until it forms soft dough.

3. Mix the dough well and keep it aside.

Prepare the fillings: -

4. Chopped green chili, ginger, coriander.

5. Boil the potato and peas.

6. Cut the beetroot into smaller cubes and boil it

7. cook the stuffing mixture with Indian spices.

8. Fill it in semolina dough and make small size medallion and deep fry it till light brown color.

For tomato and onion chutney:-

9. Blanch tomato and peel its skin and chop it.

10. Add chopped onion into the tomato.

11. Add tempering (mustard oil, mustard seed, red chilly)

12. Add salt, lemon juice, coriander and mix well.

2. Jalapeno, olive and peanut poha


1. Rice flakes(Poha):-200gms

2. Onion:100gms

3. Potato:- 100gms

4. Carrot:- 50gms

5. Peanut:- 50gms

6. Black olive:-20gms

7. Jalapeno:- 30gms

8. Ginger:- 20gms

9. Cumin seed:- 15gms

10. Mustard seed:- 10gms

11. Red chilly whole:-2 nos

12. Curry patta:-8-10leaves

13. Turmeric powder:- 1 teaspoon

14. Pomegranate seed:-30gms

15. Salt:- as required

16. Mustard oil:- 40gms

17. Coriander leaves


1. Wash the rice flakes in cold water and Drain the excess water through a strainer.

2. Heat mustard oil for tempering and add mustard seed, cumin seed, curry patta, red chilly whole and peanut. Allow them to sizzle until chilies turn crisp

3. Add chopped onion, carrot, diced potato and cook it until potato turn tender.

4. Add soaked poha, sliced black olives & Jalapeno and stir with turmeric powder and salt.

5. Cook well for 3-4 minutes.

6. Serve hot and garnish with coriander leaves, olive oil and jalapeno.

3. Banana and gulkhand milk shake


1. Ripe Banana:- 02 Nos

2. Gulkhand(Rose petal Jam):-50gms

3. Full cream milk

4. Rose water:- few drops

5. Pistachio: for garnish- 5gms


1. cut ripe banana into smaller size.

2. Put the banana slices in blender with milk, gulkhand and blend well.

3. Add few drop of rose water.

4. Put in the long size shake glass and garnish with one teaspoon of gulkhand, chopped pistachio and serve chilled.

4. Coconut Ragi Waffles


  1. Ragi flour: - 100gms

2. Refined flour: - 100gms

3. Eggs: -04 nos

4. Greated coconut: -50gms

5. Cinnamon powder: - 1tsp

6. Milk: - 100gms

7. Cream: -100ml

8. Mapple syrup for garnish

9. Jaggery:-50gms

10. Butter for greasing waffle making plates


1. Whisk eggs with jaggery. Add milk and cream into it and mix well.

2. Add ragi and refined flour, grated coconut, cinnamon powder

3. Mix well and prepare a creamy batter

4. Heat the waffle-making plate and grease with butter.

5. Pour the batter in the waffle moulds and cook it for 8-10 minutes.

6. Once done, remove the ready waffle from the waffle machine

7. Pour the maple syrup and serve hot.

5. Sattu ke parathe


  1. Whole wheat flour(Atta):- 250gms

2. Roasted channa flour (Sattu):- 200 gms

3. Ajwain:- 10gms

4. Onion:- 50gms

5. Ginger:- 20gms

6. Green Chilly:- 10gms

7. Coriander leaves:- 20gms

8. Lemon:- 02 Nos

9. Salt:- as required

10. Butter:- 50gms

11. Chat masala:- 5gms

12. Mustard oil:- 20ml

13. Kalonji seed:- 2 gms

Totmato chutney:-

1. Tomato:- 200gms

2. Onion- 100gms

3. Green chilly:-10gms

4. Mustard oil for tempering:- 20ml

5. Mustard seed:-5gms

6. Salt as required

7. Red chilly whole:- 01 No


1. Make soft dough of atta with ajwain and salt.

2. Prepare the stuffing with mixture of roasted channa dal flour, chopped ginger, chopped onion, kalonji seed, chopped green chilly and coriander, mustard oil, seasoning, and lemon juice.

3. Stuff the mixture in the dough and roll it to make medium size chappti.

4. Bake on the tawa and apply butter.

5. Served with tomato chutney and plain curd.

For tomato chutney:-

6. Blanch tomato and peel its skin and chop it.

7. Add chopped onion into the tomato.

8. Add tempering (mustard oil, mustard seed, red chilly)

9. Add salt, lemon juice, coriander and mix well.

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