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Travel guide to have memorable and seamless vacation

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi
Apr 26, 2023 12:59 PM IST

Planning a trip this summer holidays? With a little help from this travel guide, you can give yourself a seamless vacation experience.

Planning a memorable vacation experience is often an intimidating task as we all need proper breaks for our mental health, from time to time so, one thing that everyone on a vacation deserves is comfort and relaxation. Moreover, for a truly relaxing and nourishing vacation, one’s mind must be at ease and stress-free.

“India has seen immense growth in the number of people interested in hiking activities. The country’s rich landscape has multiple locations packed with some of the most mesmerising mountain ranges where aspiring adventurers and travellers can go for a hike. Hikers/Mountaineers can opt for these based on their experience and slowly increase the level of difficulty.” shares ace mountaineer and fitness coach, Gayatri Mohanty, in an interview with HT Lifestyle. She further shared a list of the must-visit mountains from beginner's level to advanced.(Unsplash)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Vikas Sharma, Chief Executive Officer at Encalm Hospitality Pvt, suggested some tips to give yourself a seamless vacation experience:

(1) Let's prep ourselves a little - While we all should study about our destination a little in advance, we can ensure smooth travel by pre-booking tickets of our choice as well. The same goes for the concept of bookings of accommodation and activities. You can save a lot of time and energy this way while you are on vacation.

(2) No hard and fast rules, okay? Get assisted services for comfort - Being flexible on a vacation can turn out to be your biggest asset. Plans can alter, and itineraries can go a little haywire, but you shouldn’t panic. Try enjoying the process and keep in mind that you are creating memories on the go. You can take the pain out of your travelling endeavors by opting for a meet & greet service at the airport which assist you in airport formalities including carrying your baggage via a porter service. With trained professionals greeting the guests at the entrance to assisting them through all the procedures until they board the flight, these services are there to serve the travelers at each step.

(3) Your interactions can make a lot of difference - A positive aura and the flow of warm and welcoming energy can make a lot of difference throughout the entire vacation. Friendly interpersonal interactions and a pleasant environment can contribute to a more enjoyable and fulfilling vacation. Try connecting with more people, and avail different sorts of new services. You never know what turns out to be your best memory from the vacation.

(4) Travel and layovers go hand-in-hand - Many a times, layovers can make airports a hard place. However, you can make yourself comfortable with hospitality services at the airport. There are lounges at airports that value their guests and their fruitful experience and it only gravitates more love and positivity. They provide classic buffet dining, a lounge bay, a bar and live stations, free WiFi and flight information. You can make yourself comfortable and even work from the lounge as well.

(5) Disconnect and connect with yourself once again - Yet, we understand that while vacations are refreshing, they can be exhausting sometimes at the same time. Everyone needs to disconnect occasionally from our daily routine to regain the essence and recharge ourselves. In such scenarios, you can opt for spas, massage, therapies, etc. Spas at airport aim to help travelers to detach themselves from their daily life's worldly hustles and stresses. A welcoming and warm energy will always make one feel rejuvenated.

He shared, “It is an experience one must have to enrich the quality of their life. One must invest in their holistic well-being. A vacation does not serve its purpose if it doesn’t focus on you in the first place. Choose experiences that choose you.”

Bringing his expertise to the same, Harish Khatri, Founder and MD at India Assist, said, “How do we define vacations? Exciting and engaging to the core — vacations make outdoor experiences worthy. A well-planned and executed vacation promises to be incredibly enjoyable and memorable. However, it can also quickly turn into a nightmare if proper planning is not done.”

He too added some great tips to help you have a smooth and unforgettable vacation.

1. Do your own research — important!

Before you even begin your journey, conduct a thorough research of your destination. Learn about the weather, sights, local culture, traditions and laws. This way, you can avoid last moment hiccups that might get you into trouble. Checking for travel advisories and any potential risks can also be helpful. Travel assistance comes in handy in this phase.

2. Make your travel arrangements early

It's essential you make your travel arrangements as early as possible. This can give you the chance to choose flights that fit your preferences, book hotels at affordable /best rates, and apply for any travel visas required. You can seek travel assistance from credible agents if planning becomes too overwhelming.

3. Have a budget in mind and plan accordingly

A vacation can be an expensive investment, so it's critical to finalise on the budget beforehand. Research on the approximate costs of flights, accommodations, and activities in your destination, as well as any other hidden expenses you may incur. Sticking to a budget can prevent you from overspending and ruining your vacation, courtesy of the budget issues.

4. Pack lightly

It is imperative to always travel light, and to only carry the essential things. Overpacking can be exhausting, especially when one has to move from one location to another. Also, additional baggage can cost you more money, which is a common vacation downside that most vacationers prefer to avoid. However, ensure to pack for a healthy trip by carrying your essential medicines along with copies of all prescriptions.

5. Stay safe

Safety on vacation is vital. Take care of your passport and vital documents, and never leave them unattended. Know your way around your destination and steer clear of any unsafe neighborhoods when exploring on your own. It's also wise to avoid traveling alone, especially at night. An assistance service in this regard is always helpful.

6. Have fun — Delegate your worries to Emergency Travel Assistance Providers

One of the most significant benefits of Emergency Travel Assistance is the peace of mind that comes with it. Knowing that you have access to professional assistance in case of an emergency can alleviate anxiety and make it easier to enjoy your travel without worrying about what might happen.

He concluded, “Planning and executing a memorable, pleasant vacation is pretty doable provided we follow the right strategies to get results. With the above-mentioned tips, one can create beautiful memories — the ones promising to last for a lifetime. Happy travels!”

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