Actor Arjun Rampal recently posted a picture rockin’ his long-hair look.(Photo: Instagram/rampal72)
Actor Arjun Rampal recently posted a picture rockin’ his long-hair look.(Photo: Instagram/rampal72)

It’s time to get the quarantine hair right with these tips for men

As the salons are shut due to the lockdown, renowned hair experts reveal plenty of styling tips for men .
Hindustan Times, Delhi | By Sanchita Kalra
UPDATED ON APR 20, 2020 03:53 PM IST

While men around the world are trying to ape the latest celebrity approved hair craze – the buzz cut, there are many who are using the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic to grow their locks. For men who always wanted to grow their hair but were forced to chop them off for personal and professional reasons, now have the perfect excuse to keep ‘em growing. This is also the best time to experiment with your hair style and whether you have grown them long before or it is the first time you are venturing into the long hair zone, here’s how you can do it right.

Expensive shampoos and spending a lot of time on hair is not an answer to treat your tresses feels celebrity hair stylist Jawed Habib. For those men who want to grow hair longer and faster, should do a preconditioning treatment which requires only 15 minutes everyday and promotes hair growth. He says, “Hair is a very delicate part of the body and it changes one’s personality completely. So I call it handle with romance and you need to handle it with softness. So by that I mean, one should shampoo hair everyday. And before shampoo, put some oil on the hair but not on the scalp — the most important tip. Make sure the oil is not touching the scalp at all. When you don’t put oil on the scalp, you don’t need to rub it. So oil and leave it for 5 minutes and then shampoo. And when you shampoo, make sure you clean the scalp properly.”

Habib adds, “The benefit of this process is that it will help in hair growth and give it a life and shine. Also you won’t have split ends and hair fall will reduce. Just this formula will work for those wanting to grow hair which is a preconditioning formula. Do go for a haircut once the lockdown is over as you need it once in 3 month’s time.”

As far as the styling is concerned for those with long hair, celebrity hair stylist Aalim Hakim recommends, “For those wanting to style the growing locks, go for products such as wax and gels for your online meetings to have a nice formal look than an unkempt and messy hair.”

He adds, “If you want to cut your hair to promote even hair growth, a buzzer with an attachment with a clipper ranging from 0 -4 are ideal to achieve the desired length you want.” He also warns those trying to cut hair at home, and says, “One needs to be careful while attempting to do a haircut on their own, otherwise it can be a disaster.” He also says, “This is a good time to experiment with stubble and beard. Shaving off completely is also a good option.”

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