Naezy: I want to bring the album culture back to mainstream music

Mumbai based rapper Naezy wants to focus on creating albums and EP’s over singles, and says that albums allow musicians to explain their ideas better, which can end up inspiring listeners.
Naezy has recently released the titular song of his EP, 2014.(Photo: Instagram)
Naezy has recently released the titular song of his EP, 2014.(Photo: Instagram)
Updated on Jul 27, 2020 06:04 PM IST
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Hindustan Times | BySamarth Goyal, New Delhi

It might sound cliche, but Mumbai-based rapper-songwriter Naezy says that he doesn’t follow trends. Unlike several other musicians, he insists people should go back to owning albums. “ I want to change the culture of singles. With an album or an EP (Extended Palylist), you get to put together a bunch go songs, around a common idea. That gives you the identity as an artist and the public understands you better as one,” he says.

“Ideas expand hote hain albums ya EPs se. And people, then learn from those experiences and those ideas. That’s why I want to bring back the culture, because for me that’s what music is supposed to do. Inspire,” he says explaining that was the fundamental idea behind his recently released EP, 2014.

The latest track released as a part of the EP was its titular song, and Naezy explains that the track perfectly encapsulates the idea behind his EP. “ So, the idea behind this EP was to inspire people, by telling my story. There are not many hooks in the song, and its mostly one bar after the other. That’s there because I am telling people my story, my journey, since I released my first hip hop track in 2014,” he says.


“All the other songs in it, like 302, is my new avatar, where I am more fearless now and say things openly. Mehfooz is about keeping your cultural values intact and Awli is about staying at the top of your game. All of these songs have that common theme of inspiring people to do good and fearless work,” adds Naezy.

Although he doesn’t deny that Bollywood has played a big role in his career, he doesn’t feel the “need” to keep working in the film industry. “I’ll be honest. Mujhe Bollywood ki as such zada need nai hai. Yes, it is true that my fan base increased and I got more shows because of Bollywood, but I will only work, where my work is respected and is appreciated. I feel there’s a strong connection between Bollywood and hip-hop, and I am really happy for that and I want to be a part of it,” he says.

“But, non film space is now getting bigger, and people like me don’t need Bollywood. We can create our own music in the non film space and still do well. It’s good to work in Bollywood, but I am not completely dependent on it,” he signs off.

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