Photos: Sarah Williamson and her Art Activist Barbie take on the patriarchy

Sarah Williamson, a senior lecturer at the School of Education and Professional Development, University of Huddersfield, UK, has been protesting

Updated on May 30, 2021 02:53 PM IST 7 Photos

Sarah Williamson, a senior lecturer from the UK, has been using a Barbie doll to protest against patriarchy since November 2018. She calls her doll Art Activist Barbie. Here AAB protests at The National Gallery, London, in March 2021, pointing out that there are 2,300 works by men in the gallery’s permanent collection, and only 21 by women.(Image courtesy: Sarah Williamson)

Art Activist Barbie points out that even the women that do make it to canvas tend to be forced into passive, peaceable or useful roles — sewing, mending, smiling, reading or, of course, in the nude.(Image courtesy: Sarah Williamson)

Art Activist Barbie questions the absence of female artists in museums. “No problem being represented if you're nude of course!” she adds.(Image courtesy: Sarah Williamson)


What kinds of conversations must have gone into commissioning a work like this one? Art Activist Barbie imagines being a fly on the wall, in this June 2020 post.(Image courtesy: Sarah Williamson)

When she was a child, Williamson’s mother made clothes for her Barbies. Here AAB wears one of the now-vintage coats made by Williamson’s mother in the 1970s. This tweet was posted in March 2020.(Image courtesy: Sarah Williamson)