4 reasons why you have doubts about your relationship

From having commitment issues to feeling unsettled, here are four reasons why we may have doubts in the relationship.

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There are times when we have severe doubts in the relationship. When this goes on for a prolonged period of time, it can be very unsettling for us and can affect the health of the relationship. "Having doubts about your relationship can feel highly unsettling. But what if it’s not all bad? What can your doubts teach you? How can you use them to be more honest with yourself and your partner? What are your doubts trying to alert you to," wrote Relationship Coach Marlena Tillhon.(Unsplash)

When we have a subconscious fear of committing to someone for a long time, we may start to have doubts in the relationship. This is a good time to question ourselves and delve deeper. (Unsplash)

The space we make in the relationship should allow the freedom of emotions of the partners involved. When that does not happen, doubts start to creep in. (Unsplash)


People with insecure attachment style feel unsettled in relationships often and doubts are a way of the mind showing anxiety. (Unsplash)

Something in the relationship may not be working out, and doubts are a way of the mind telling us that something is wrong. (Unsplash)




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