5 skills to learn to be a safe partner in a relationship

From communicating respectfully to being open to feedback, here are a few skills needed to learn to be a safe

Published on Jun 12, 2024 06:00 PM IST 6 Photos

In a relationship, it is important that we work on ourselves and imbibe the skills to show up in a loving and nurturing way for our partner. "Being a safe partner means making the choice to show up and do the work required. It may not always be easy, but it’s a necessary part of creating secure, loving and thriving relationships," wrote Therapist Lucille Shackleton. Here are a few skills that we need to learn to be a safe partner in a relationship.(Unsplash)

We should learn to regulate our emotions so that we can address them in a healthy manner. This also helps others to safely express their emotions to us. (Unsplash)

We should be open to feedback. We should try to incorporate healthy criticism in our behavioural patterns to become better versions of ourselves. (Unsplash)


We should work on ourselves to become the partner who can comfort the other person through a difficult conversation. We should learn to sit with our emotions and address them effectively. (Unsplash)

We should be considerate of our partner's emotions, choices, decisions, words and behaviours. We should respect their individuality and celebrate them for who they are. (Pixabay)