6 reasons you should attend Chikoo Festival in Maharashtra this February

This year will mark the 11th year of the Chikoo Festival held in the Dahanu-Gholvad region of Northern Maharashtra.

Published on Feb 01, 2024 02:30 PM IST 7 Photos

The Dahanu-Gholvad region in Maharashtra is renowned for its expansive Chikoo orchards and stunning Casuarina-lined beaches. The Chikoo Festival, a two-day cultural extravaganza organized by the REWF (Rural Entrepreneurship Welfare Foundation) near Dahanu, has been a tradition since 2013. It has also been honored with the prestigious "Geographical Indication" for its high-quality Chikoo production. This year, the festival is scheduled to take place on February 10 and 11. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should consider experiencing this vibrant festival: (Instagram/@chikoo_festival)

The festival will showcase a diverse range of activities, including beach paragliding, agro farm tours (featuring visits to local chikoo-based food processing units), and a food festival highlighting local cuisine. (Instagram/@ chikoo_festival)

Additional activities at the festival include a cycling event, art and craft workshops (offering opportunities to learn about Warli painting), local folk dance performances, and live music shows by talented local artists, among other attractions. (Instagram/@ chikoo_festival)


At the festival, a wide array of chikoo products, including chikoo ice creams and kulfis, are available for purchase. Additionally, visitors can sample dried chikoo chips and chikoo powder, providing an opportunity to try before purchasing. (Instagram/@ chikoo_festival)

This initiative and the response from visitors have inspired many local women to invest in small-scale industries. (Instagram/@chikoo_festival)