7 genius tips for travelling like a minimalist

Travelling like a minimalist can be a game-changer for your trips. You can reduce stress and enjoy a more fulfilling

Updated on Apr 04, 2023 01:48 PM IST 8 Photos

Incorporating minimalist travel tips can help you make the most of your next adventure. By packing only the essentials, embracing versatile clothing and digital tools, and choosing lightweight and compact items, you can travel with ease and focus on the experiences. Here are ways to adopt a minimalist mindset and see how it can enhance your travel experience. (Pexels)

Stay in hostels or guesthouses: Stay in minimalist accommodations like hostels or guesthouses. These types of accommodations are often less expensive and provide just the basics, which can help you focus on the experience of your trip rather than the trappings of luxury. (Pexels)

Pack only the essentials: Start by making a list of the items you absolutely need for your trip. This might include things like your passport, wallet, phone, and a few items of clothing. Resist the temptation to pack too much or bring items you don't really need. (Pexels)


Choose versatile clothing: Instead of packing multiple outfits for each day, choose versatile clothing items that can be worn in different ways. For example, a pair of jeans can be dressed up or down, and a lightweight scarf can be worn as a wrap or used as a blanket on the plane. (Pexels)

Use a travel backpack or carry-on: Opt for a backpack or carry-on suitcase rather than a large, heavy suitcase. This will help you to move around more easily and quickly, and make it easier to fit everything into tight spaces. (Pexels)