Common types of mother wounds: Therapist explains

From the unavailable mother to the self-obsessed mother, here are three common types of mother wounds.

Published on Aug 20, 2023 02:30 PM IST 6 Photos

The mother wound is passed on from the mother to the children. It usually consists of cultural trauma and the dysfunctional coping mechanisms that the mothers used to deal with the trauma. There are three common types of mother wounds. Psychotherapist Terri Cole explained the types and wrote, "Do you ever wish you had a different relationship with your maternal impactor?"(Unsplash)

One of the mother wounds is that of the self-obsessed mother. They do not see their children as separate individuals. It comes from narcissistic tendencies. (Unsplash)

Sometimes the family system is organised around this pattern of the self-absorbed mother. It can be extremely difficult for the children to shine brightly. (Unsplash)


The unavailable or the rejecting mother is the one who helps in providing food and shelter and other necessities for the child but refrains from giving love and care. (Unsplash)

In this type of motherhood, the child gets impacted in such a way that they start to question the ways that they relate to themselves and their self-image. (Unsplash)