Did your anxious attachment get activated? 5 signs to know

From constantly being worried to keeping the partner engaged by creating chaos, here are a few signs that our anxious

Published on May 25, 2024 06:15 PM IST 6 Photos

In a relationship, a person can have various styles of attachment. Be it secure attachment or anxious attachment or avoidant attachment, a relationship is based on understanding of each other's attachment style. In anxious attachment, a person may feel the constant need of validation and intimacy to know if they are valued and loved. Relationship Coach Marlena Tillhon shared five ways we may behave when our anxious attachment style gets activated.(Unsplash)

We may start to feel clingy when we are away from our partner. Physical distance can make us feel anxious. (Unsplash)

We may perceive several threats in the relationship – such as the partner's past relationships or their current friendships. These threats make us feel worried. (Unsplash)


We start to apply the filter of fear to everything that is said by the partner. This causes constant worry and conflicts in the relationship. (Unsplash)

We may choose to keep the partner engaged in the relationship by creating conflicts and chaos. Even though it might look like a connection, it is unhealthy. (Unsplash)