Do you have a phobia? Here are 4 ways to get over it, recommended by a therapist

From challenging our thoughts about the phobia to gradually exposing ourselves to it, here are a few ways to overcome

Published on Jun 22, 2024 06:00 AM IST 5 Photos

Phobia is a type of anxiety disorder. It can trigger an irrational fear in a person for a particular thing, situation or activity. "Phobias can be managed effectively with the right approach. The goal of overcoming a phobia is not to eliminate all anxiety but to accept some anxiety related to the phobia and be able to manage it. While overcoming a phobia may take time and effort, it is possible to reduce its impact on your life and improve your ability to cope with fear-provoking situations," wrote Therapist Carolyn Rubenstein. (Photo by Bastian Riccardi on Pexels)

The first step to getting over a phobia is to start gradually exposing ourselves to the object, or situation or activity that we have the most fear of. (Shutterstock)

We must practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or muscle relaxation when we start feeling worked out while thinking of the phobia.(Unsplash)


We can use visualisation techniques where we imagine ourselves successfully confronting or overcoming the phobia. (Pexels)

We must challenge negative thoughts or assumptions related to the phobia. Instead, we should replace them with logical explanations.  (Unsplash)




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