Is your kid refusing to cooperate? Here are a few common reasons why they don't listen to parents

From underlying needs to feeling of disconnection, here are a few reasons why children refuse to listen to their parents.

Published on Dec 03, 2023 06:00 AM IST 6 Photos

Parenting can be tricky. Sometimes the children may refuse to cooperate and listen to us. While these are common parts of parenting, it can also trigger a parent. Instead of taking actions against the kids right away, we need to delve deeper and know why they are refusing to listen to us. Psychologist Jazmine McCoy shared the common reasons.(Unsplash)

As parents, we have the focus on routine, while kids may have some other priorities. This difference in thought can make them not listen to our instructions. (Unsplash)

If we make promises to them, we need to abide by them, because when we don’t stick to our promises, they start to believe that we are all talk and no action – this makes them ignore us. (Unsplash)


When we start to give into their behavior, it becomes a way for them to get things done their way. Sometimes, kids may misbehave just to get what they want. (Unsplash)

Underlying needs such as hunger, loneliness, boredom or some intense emotions can also make them not cooperate with the parents. (Unsplash)