Mona Singh’s incredible 15 kg weight loss in 6 months: Here’s how she did it

Want to go from flab to fab? Here are some diet and fitness takeaways from actor Mona Singh’s 6-month weight

Published on Jun 22, 2024 07:18 PM IST 6 Photos

Still remembered for her role as 'Jassi' in television daily soap ‘Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahi’, from early 2000 actor Mona Singh rose to shine with her incredible performances in films and now OTT but apart from her career graph, it is her jaw-dropping body transformation that has us hooked. (PTI Photo)

Spotted in Mumbai at various events, Mona left the shutterbugs in frenzy as she looked radiant and even spilled the beans on her dramatic weight loss journey where she claimed to have lost 15 kg of weight for an upcoming role. Here are some takeaways from her fitness routine - (File Photo)

1. Mona advised, “Discipline is very important when you are on this weight loss journey.”(File Photo)


2. Next, Mona Singh revealed that she opted out of gym and switched to Yoga.(Photo by ARUN SANKAR / AFP)

3. Another weight loss tip that Mona Singh revealed was that she practiced intermittent fasting.(istockphoto)