Parenting 101: Tips to make transitions easier for children

From making transitions short and sweet to taking out the mystery, here are a few ways to help kids through

Published on Mar 03, 2024 03:09 PM IST 6 Photos

Transitions are changes in routine or the time required to move from one activity to another. For children, it can be a difficult thing to do. "Give your child two choices to help them feel more in control & independent such as deciding what order to do things, what song to play in the car, whether to run or skip to school, etc," wrote Psychologist Jazmine McCoy as she explained transition and the difficulties associated with it. She also shared a few tips for parents to make transitions easier for their children.(Pixabay)

Children like to be in control of their environment – especially when they feel a lot of it is out of their control. Hence, any kind of change can be difficult for them to deal with. (Unsplash)

Accepting change and being patient with transitions also require brain development. Self-regulation skills and the concept of time are important to understand transitions. (Unsplash)


Parents should give out the complete information to their children about the day. Taking out the mystery helps them to plan their day and prepare themselves mentally to navigate through changes. (Unsplash)

Transitions are stressful for kids. Hence, as parents, we can give them the emotional support that they need by connecting with them prior to the transitions. (Photo by Phil Nguyen on Pexels)