Signs that you are not communicating well

From tiptoeing on topics to hiding our disappointments, here are a few signs that we are not communicating well in

Published on Nov 20, 2023 05:02 PM IST 6 Photos

When we do not communicate well in a relationship, it can invite a lot of problems and sufferings. "You want to need each other. You want to bounce ideas off each other, brainstorm together, problem-solve, and come up with possibilities together! And let's not forget you would like to feel loved, valued, and deeply connected to this person," wrote Relationship Coach Julia Woods as she shared a few signs that show that we are not communicating well.(Unsplash)

When we are disappointed by the actions of the other person in the relationship, we refrain from talking about it and compromise on it. (Unsplash)

As we learn to hide our emotions and not communicate them to our partner, we also fear that we will end up saying something wrong. Hence, we keep shut. (Unsplash)


We often refrain from asking questions because we think that we know how they are going to respond to it. (Unsplash)

We walk around eggshells and tiptoe around topics that we know will bring out a difficult conversation. (Unsplash)