Sun Signs & Their Best Personality Traits

According to astrology sun signs have a deep impact on the personality traits of the people born under the specific

Updated on Oct 19, 2021 04:11 PM IST 13 Photos

You are entrepreneurial with inspiring leadership qualities. With a dizzy dash around the mulberry bush, crackling energy and a child-like heart you are always buzzing with life. You will fight against injustice and are not bashful about voicing opinions. No shilly-shallying, you come straight to the point. You can spin fabulous dreams, but can’t lie. There is no trait of cunningness and innocence hangs over you. You can converse for hours in an exciting, interesting manner on subjects you know nothing about.

You are optimistic, hilarious, fair-minded, honest and intellectual. Sagittarius is completely free of deception and will tell the truth without any compromise. You will never run away from a fight or call for help. You love to travel and always have your suitcase ready. You always scrutinise your dreams with intellect and compelling logic.

You are a visionary, a mastermind and a genius at work. Your optimistic, inquisitive and intellectual personality makes you magnetic and welcoming to all. You have impressive observational and analytical skills which give you the power to unravel the human mind.


You are the sustainers, who will make sure the projects and relationships you are a part of prospering. Being termed as the builders you can be resourceful, productive, and consistent. You have an intangible, elusive bovine quality about you. It’s not your nature to be nervous or twitchy type. You are a homely person and would go to any extent for family.

It's always a mistake to try to win an argument with you because you can talk yourself in and out of situations with much ease. You are sharply satirical and more clever than almost anybody. Your ageless appearance is a charm you use all the time. Geminis is the sun sign that rules writing, so no one can defeat you in the mastery of words. You, my dear, are born with a defence mechanism. You are friendly, alert, inquisitive and precocious