Things that make us authentic: Therapist shares tips

From abiding by our values to being comfortable with ourselves, here are a few ways to become more authentic.

Published on Dec 03, 2023 03:26 PM IST 6 Photos

When we start to accept and embrace our true selves, we immediately become more authentic and more real. "Embracing your true self allows for a more profound understanding of personal values, beliefs, and emotions, promoting a sense of wholeness and self-compassion. The pursuit of authenticity leads to you navigating life with a sense of purpose. In a world that often encourages conformity, the courage to be authentic not only enhances individual wellbeing but also cultivates richer and far more meaningful connections in both personal and professional arenas," wrote Therapist Israa Nasir. Here are a few things that make us more authentic.(Unsplash)

When we invest time in self-flection and self-awareness, we learn about ourselves more – this further makes us more comfortable with ourselves. (Unsplash)

We should have a set of ethics and values and abide by them in our actions and the way we navigate through life. (Unsplash)


Meaning what we say and saying what we mean – this makes us more authentic as we know how to match our words and actions. (Unsplash)

We should not fake ourselves just to be liked. Being strong enough to showcase our true selves to people makes us more authentic individuals. (Unsplash)