Tips to reduce chronic low-grade inflammation: Nutritionist explains

From consuming probiotic foods to stimulating the vagus nerve, here are a few tips to reduce inflammation and combat stress.

Published on Jun 12, 2024 05:00 PM IST 6 Photos

Type 1 diabetes patients show signs of inflammation in the digestive tract and change in gut bacteria.(Shutterstock)

Processed foods contain artificial sweeteners, additives, colouring and added sugars. These are all sources of inflammation. We should reduce processed food intake. (Unsplash)

Whole, nutrient-dense foods contain antioxidants that help in reducing levels of free radicals responsible for causing inflammation. (Unsplash)


We can stimulate the vagus nerve with breathwork, cold exposure and humming – this helps in reducing the production of proinflammatory cytokines. (Unsplash)

Food items rich in Omega-3 fatty acids should be included in the diet. Foods such as fatty fish, flaxseeds and walnuts have anti-inflammatory properties. (Shutterstock)