Valentine's Week 2023: 8 gifts for each day of the week of love

Valentine's Week celebrations have started today and it's the perfect time to make memories, spend quality time with each other

Published on Feb 07, 2023 05:00 PM IST 9 Photos

From Rose Day to Kiss Day to Valentine's Day, here are 8 gifts for your beloved for every day of the week of love.(Pixabay)

Rose Day (February 7): A single rose can say a thousand words and this is exactly what you can gift to your significant someone on the first day of Valentine's week. You can also get creative and make an artwork with rose petals that is sure to sweep your beloved off their feet. Surprise your better half with a rose-themed jewellery such as a pendent or an earring. Rose is also a flower with an incredible scent, so you can consider buying some rose-scented candles for your ladylove. (Pixabay)

Propose Day (February 8): The perfect day to tell them what you feel and plan a future with them. This can be done on a short trip to a scenic place or a hot balloon ride. Read them a personalised love note or a poem that will melt their heart. In case you want to seal it with a ring, it's the perfect opportunity. (Pixabay)


Chocolate Day (February 9): After two days of intense romance, Chocolate Day is the time to pamper your significant other with some chocolicious surprises. You can probably begin your day with them with chocolate spa therapy, followed by gorging on some chocolate pastries. After a day of chocolate shopping, you can perhaps sip some hot chocolate together. If your beloved is not a foodie or calorie conscious, then some chocolate-scented bath products or candles could make them happy.  (Pixabay)

Teddy Day (February 10): The pampering continues with Teddy Day and while the best gift on this day is a cuddlesome teddy bear, if you want to avoid getting predictable, there are a number of creative gifts you can make on your own, get customised, or purchase. Bake a teddy-themed cake, or get them a teddy bear T-shirt, mug or keychain that will keep memory of this special day fresh. (Pexels)