Apple Event 2022: Unveils new iPhone SE, iPad Air and Mac Studio computer

The Apple Inc. event was the first of what’s expected to be several product launches this year, with Apple also

Published on Mar 09, 2022 10:52 AM IST 9 Photos

Apple released a bunch of new products during a virtual event called 'Peek performance' on Tuesday. They unveiled a budget-friendly iPhone SE with 5G, iPad Air with M1 chip and Mac Studio computer.(REUTERS)

The new iPhone is Apple’s first update to the SE line since 2020. The model, which is available in black, white and red, will have a slightly higher price - $429, up from $399. It has 5G network support, a faster A15 processor and other features.(REUTERS)

The new iPhone SE and $599 iPad Air, which sports an M1 chip, will be available for ordering on March 11, before reaching stores a week later.(REUTERS)


The presentation included a new Apple processor named M1 Ultra that the company called the most powerful personal-computer chip ever. The product is part of Apple’s years-long shift away from using Intel Corp. processors in favour of its components.(REUTERS)

The Apple Mac Studio desktop computer features the M1 Ultra chip and is aimed at app developers, photo editors and video creators.(Bloomberg)