At least 72 people killed in Himachal Pradesh rains

Days of relentless rain in Himachal Pradesh have killed at least 72 people this week, a government official said.

Published on Aug 18, 2023 12:54 PM IST 9 Photos

Heavy monsoon triggered landslides and flash floods in India’s Himalayan region killing at least 72 people this week, a government official said on Thursday. Roads were submerged, buildings washed away and residents scrambled for safety. (CMO Himachal )

Rescuers in the state have been working through challenging weather conditions to save people trapped under mud and debris.  (PTI)

The weather department has put the state on high alert and expects the downpours to continue over the next few days. (HT Photo/Deepak Sansta)


Vikram Singh, an operator at the state’s emergency operation center, said on Thursday that 72 deaths occurred over the previous five days from the rains that struck over the weekend and that rescue work was ongoing. (AFP)

Hundreds of roads remain blocked and schools in Shimla have been ordered to remain shut as the Indian Air Force and disaster response teams help evacuate people from low-lying, vulnerable areas.  (AFP)