Himachal Pradesh: At least 367 people dead in rain-related incidents this monsoon

Himachal Pradesh has faced strong, continuous rain for weeks triggering landslides, cloudbursts, and flash floods.

Published on Aug 28, 2023 02:50 PM IST 7 Photos

The State Disaster Management Authority has reported that the monsoon season has claimed the lives of at least 367 individuals in rain-related incidents across Himachal Pradesh. (File Photo)

The downpour has resulted in the closure of numerous routes, including National Highway 305, with approximately 281 roads blocked due to the deluge.  (ANI)

In addition, 177 water supply schemes have suffered disruptions, while there were no fire incidents recorded in the past 24 hours, as per government data. (ANI)


Official records indicate that since the monsoon's onset on June 24, an average of about seven lives have been lost daily due to rain-related events within the mountainous state. (ANI)

Monetary losses are estimated to approach 12,000 crore, according to the disaster management assessment. (AP)