US Independence Day 2022: Fireworks light up sky in celebration of 4th of July

US Independence Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the country with fireworks, parades, barbecues, concerts, baseball games, carnivals and

Updated on Jul 04, 2022 11:35 PM IST 6 Photos

The United States celebrated its 246th independence day on July 4, 2022. Also called US Independence Day of 4th of July, it marks the day when America declared its independence from Great Britain.(AP)

Huntington Beach's 4th of July celebrations, City of Bellair of Independence Parade & Festival, and Delaware Fireworks and parade are among the famous parades organised on this day.(AP)

For many, July 4 is a chance to set aside political differences and to celebrate unity, reflecting on the revolution that gave rise to history's longest-lived democracy.(AP)


Fourth of July fireworks are reflected in the St. Joseph River on July 3 during a fireworks display in St. Joseph, Mich. (AP)

Fireworks erupt in celebration of the Independence Day holiday over Citizens Bank Park after a baseball game between Philadelphia Phillies and St. Louis Cardinals in Philadelphia.(AP)