5 reasons why arguing with your partner is good for your relationship

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Apr 25, 2017 06:07 PM IST

However absurd it may sound, a healthy argument with your partner is the secret to a happy relationship. Here are five reasons why you should fight with your lover, but end it on a happy note.

We have heard stories of couples who never fight and are supposedly referred to be the ideal one around. But, in this situation, does love really grow? Perhaps not. There are couples who avoid conflict. But are they successful in making their marriage work? And even if they succeed, are they happy and in love with each other? We give you five reasons why a healthy argument is a good thing and that you should do it once in a while.

Arguments between couples can be productive and can improve a relationship.
Arguments between couples can be productive and can improve a relationship.

Your relationship gets stronger as there are no grudges

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We argue to express out point of view on a certain issue. By doing this we aren’t keeping our thoughts to ourselves and thus clearing the differences. “As we speak our heart out, it helps in the longer run. None of the partners hold grudge against each other and even understand each other well, when caught in a situation,” says marriage counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo.Fighting creates depths of intimacy: Intimacy in a relation increases through healthy arguments. One realises when to draw the line and what sort of behaviour to expect from the partner. Dr Anil Sethi says, “Also, many a times, couples indulging in a fight, end up apologising to each other and even getting intimate.”

Fighting creates a new depth of intimacy

Intimacy in a relationship increases through healthy arguments that take place in a respectful manner. We get to know where to draw the line and what sort of behaviour would and wouldn’t be appreciated by our partner. Knowing about these aspects of your partner breeds deeper intimacy and appreciation of other. “Also a lot of times it happens that smitten couples who indulge in any sort of fight, mostly end up apologizing to each other for the behaviour and get intimate as a result. This only gets them closer to each other,” says Dr Anil Sethi.

It increases trust

Through discussions, one tends to open up to the partner even more and the trust level increases. It helps avoid unforeseen arguments that could end up in a bitter breakup. “A relationship without fights is full of secrets. Most of the times partners avoid conflict because they think this would end their relationship. But by avoiding it, they are making it more complicated. When outburst happens, the repercussions are catastrophic. We are so desperate to be understood that we forget to understand others,” says marriage counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo.

You feel better

Expressing your opinion during an argument can make you feel relaxed. But while doing it, make sure you aren’t being rude. “Relationships should be like a roller-coaster ride. Every relationship is bound to fluctuate. One should indulge in healthy debates to understand each other’s importance. I’ve always advised that if there is a difference of opinion, one should resolve it before hitting the bed,” says relationship counselor Dr Anil Sethi.

It improves your character

Fights only make you stronger and increase your level of patience, care and love for your partner. Some times you even adapt yourself to the other person’s faults. “However, make sure that the argument doesn’t happen too often because that will create trouble in your paradise,” says Dr Sethi.

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