5 tips to make your first date a success

Hindustan Times | ByAnkita Ganguli, New Delhi
May 03, 2014 03:51 PM IST

Getting ready for your first date can be a quagmire. Here's a short but effective guide on the five things you must do on a date to ensure you snag a second one.

Getting ready for your first date can be a quagmire. and he/she may not take you seriously. Dress formal and you may scare your date away. Rule of the thumb is to be confident and just wear your attitude!

Here's a short but effective guide on the five things you must do on a date to ensure you snag a second one.

1Pay attention
Stay away from your phone. If you do happen to switch it on, don't read any emails/messages that might force you to get back to work and spoil your weekend. Come on, even kids get to play after they finish their work, so why not you?
You are here to pay attention to the person sitting across the table. So switch off Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, and switch on your charm.


2Show 'em you like them

We all know body language is hugely important when dating, so use it to show your date that you like him/her. Not only will this make the person feel great, you'll be able to judge quickly if you are liked back.

Ladies if you want to give him a clear message, tilt your head to the side, lock eyes with him and touch his forearm. Or if you're really brave, touch his knee! Although cheesy, you can also subtly lick your lips.

For the guys, pay attention to how you look. Checking your shirt is straight and your jacket is a clear indicator that you are interested and are bothered about your appearance. Also, show through your facial expressions that you are listening. What we mean is a slight raise of brow on something serious or a smile when she says something funny.

3Please, don't get drunk!

Drinking on the first date is fine - dates can be nerve-wracking and it's a good way to relieve tension. That said, the worst thing you could possibly do is to get drunk and make a fool of yourself. It's a fine line to walk, so be careful and know your limits. If not, this may be your last date ever.


4 Be a gentleman

Whether it is a blind date or you are with somebody you have been admiring for weeks, don't forget some basic courtesy. This means doing the simple things like picking her up or scheduling the date in such a way that it doesn't inconvenience her. Also, opening the door or pulling the chair out for her are traits associated with a gentleman. Sounds too chivalrous for our modern times? We have news for you, girls still appreciate these simple gestures.

5 Following up on the first date

Gone are the days when only guys were expected to text first. Message your date asking if he/she has reached home safely. Don't suggest anything in message unless your partner leads the conversation further. Learn to be patient. The next day, you can call up. Express some curiosity about what he/she thinks about you. Gauge from the flow of conversation whether a second date seems imminent or whether this was a wrong connection.
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