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Jeans under 2,000: It's time to upgrade your collection

  • HT By Shreya Garg
  • Published on Jun 09, 2022 16:54 IST
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Jeans are a wardrobe staple, comfortable and everyday apparel. There's a lot of variety in terms of style and silhouettes in this garment.

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Jeans is a wardrobe staple and an everyday comfort wear.

A pair of jeans is what constitutes for most of us as the humble, comfortable, everyday, go-to wear. No matter how many pairs of jeans you own in your wardrobe collection, no number will be ever enough. Thanks to the various silhouettes, fit types, styles, waistlines, prints etc - there’s a large chunk of options available in this garment. A wardrobe staple, there’s truly a room for experimentation when it comes to jeans. And therefore, this makes the case for why you must have an eclectic collection of it - boyfriend jeans, bootcut jeans, straight fit jeans, rugged jeans and so on.

If you’re a man or a woman who is looking to introduce pairs of jeans to your closet, then we have help already ready for you. Down below you will find our favourite picks which come in striking colour options, styles, fit type and more. Keep scrolling to take a closer look at our options.

Levi's Jeans

This pair of jeans has a straight fit and a distinct feel. It is best for men who want to keep their style effortless and smart. A stylish pair of jeans, it comes in a mix Indigo colour. If you’re someone who doesn’t prefer body hugging garments, then this one is definitely for you. It is likely to go well with every type of top wear - be it casual or formal.

MerchantMarine Jeans

This pair of slim fit jeans comes in three colour options - light blue, dark blue and mid blue. Stylish and cool, this one has a great fit. You can wear it for long durations and feel comfortable. The fabric is soft and skin-friendly too. It is likely to last for many years, as it is also durable. You can machine wash this apparel.

Aka Chic Jeans

One look at this pair of jeans and you will know it will fit amazingly well on you. This one has a high rise waistline and a straight fit from the thigh to bottom. Available in light blue colour, it is slightly torn from the knee area that makes it look cool and edgy. You can pair this with a number of top wear - from crop top, shirts, t-shirts to peplum tops.

Vero Moda Jeans

This pair of jeans has a regular fit and is available in black colour. The fabric composition of this garment is 33% cotton, 33% tencel, 21% polyester, 11% viscose and 2% elastane. It features the sought-after boot cut and has an amazing fit overall. You can wear it all year round and it will turn out to be a durable garment. You can also machine wash this apparel.

Happening Ripped/Rugged Jeans
This pair of slim fit jeans is a ripped one. Trendy, cool and carefree - these are the words that come to mind on seeing this jeans. It reaches the ankle in length and has a mid waistline. It has a button closure and is perfect for everyday wear. You can wear it to brunch dates, date nights, holidays and so on. There's a feel-good factor about this apparel that is simply hard to miss.

Price of jeans at a glance:

Jeans under 500  Price
Levi's Jeans 2,069.00 -  2,959.00
MerchantMarine Jeans 1,990.00
AKA CHIC Women's Western Jeans 959.00
VERO MODA Women's Regular Jeans  999.00
happening Ripped/Rugged Jeans 990.00

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