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Wimbledon 2019 Final highlights: Novak Djokovic prevails over Roger Federer in epic 5-set thriller in longest Wimbledon final

Novak Djokovic has beaten Roger Federer for the third time in the men’s singles Wimbledon final to win his 16th Grand Slam title.

By HT Correspondent | Jul 15, 2019 01:26 IST

The night belongs to Novak Djokovic as he claims his 16th Grand Slam title after beating Roger Federer 7-6 (5), 1-6, 7-6 (4), 4-6, 13-12 (3) in an epic five-set thriller at Wimbledon. This was the first time ever that a fifth-set tiebreaker decided a tournament final. The epic final lasted four-hour and 57-minute to become the longest ever Wimbledon final in history.

A see-saw batttle has ensued between the two legends as Federer and Djokovic battled each other in the final of the Wimbledon Championships. The first set went into a tie-breaker where Djokovic triumphed. In the second set, Federer found his groove as he dismantled Djokovic 6-1. The Serbian made sure that Federer doesn’t find the momentum as he continued battle on and eventually claimed the third set on another tie-breaker.

Not willing to sit back, Federer immediately hit back and broke Djokovic two times. Those break points were crucial in the match as Federer managed to hold on and won the fourth set 6-4 to take it into the fifth.

Follow Wimbledon Final highlights below:-

23:44 hrs IST

Novak wins 16th Grand Slam

Djokovic clinches 16th Grand Slam, beats Roger Federer 7-6 (5), 1-6, 7-6 (4), 4-6, 13-12 (3) in longest ever Wimbledon final.

23:33 hrs IST

Novak wins 2019 Wimbledon

Novak beats Roger Federer in the Wimbledon finals.

23:33 hrs IST

Djokovic leads in tie-breaker

Djokovic is leading 5-3 in the fifth set.

23:28 hrs IST


For the first-time ever, a Wimbledon final will be decided through a tie-breaker. According to new rules, it has to be 12-12 to go into a tie-breaker. So the winner of the 2019 Wimbledon will be decided by a tie-breaker.

23:23 hrs IST

12-11 to Djokovic

Federer is again making it difficult for Djokovic. This is the third deuce of the game. Djokovic and Federer have enthralled the crowd to its limits. Djokovic makes its 12-11 now.

23:13 hrs IST

Advantage Djokovic?

Djokovic has won on his serve and made it 11-10 in the fifth set. Can he break Federer in the next game? No he cannot as Federer wins the game to make it 11-11.

23:10 hrs IST

It’s 10-10 in fifth set

Federer will again levels the match as he win the game.

23:06 hrs IST

Advantage Djokovic

Like what has happened in the last 20 minutes, Djokovic has taken the lead in the fifth set. It’s 10-9 to Djokovic. What a match.


Federer levels it

No separating these two warriors as Federer now makes it 9-9 in the fifth set.

22:57 hrs IST

Djokovic makes it 9-8

Federer looked for a break point but Djokovic was too good as he hit a pin-point forehand to win the game.

22:53 hrs IST

Djokovic saves two championship points

Federer needs one point to win his 21st Grand Slam title. But Djokovic takes four straight points to level the match again.

22:47 hrs IST

Federer to serve for the championship

Federer has a break point in the fifth set with the match at 7-7. Can he do it? Yes he can. Now he will serve for the match.

22:42 hrs IST

Federer not giving up

The match is now tied 7-7 in the fifth set as 37-year-old Federer is showing that he has oodles of stamina.

22:42 hrs IST

Tie-breaker at 12-12

If there is no break point won by either player then the match will have a tie-breaker at 12-12. New rules state that a tie-breaker will take place if a match reaches 12-12 in the fifth set.

22:36 hrs IST

6-6 in fifth set

Djokovic is giving a fight to Federer in the game. He takes the game into deuce on Federer’s serve but the Swiss ace has too many tools in his arsenal as he overcomes the Serbian to take the game.

22:31 hrs IST

Serbian has the advantage

Novak Djokovic has held onto his serve to win the game and lead 6-5 in the fifth set against Roger Federer.

22:28 hrs IST

Federer makes it 5-5

Federer played an exquisite drop shot to get a game point and then Djokovic hit an unforced error to again level the fifth set 5-5.

22:25 hrs IST

Djokovic wins on his serve

It is 5-4 in favour of Djokovic now. If he wins another break point in the match and then Djokovic will claim his 16th Grand Slam title.

22:19 hrs IST

It is 4-4

Djokovic is not able to break Federer on his serve as the Swiss maestro is taking the fight to the Serbian.

22:11 hrs IST

Federer makes is 3-4

Now Federer has a break point against Djokovic. This game is a see-saw battle between two greats. Novak manages to save that break point.

22:08 hrs IST

Novak breaks Federer, 4-2 up in fifth set

After winning on his own serve, Djokovic has two break points again in the fifth set. And this time he doesn’t disappoint as he breaks Federer’s serve to take a 4-2 lead in the fifth set. Does this point get him the 16th Grand Slam of his career?

21:58 hrs IST

Djokovic has break points, still loses game

Djokovic had two break points in the game but could not take advantage of it. Federer then won four straight points to win the game.

21:48 hrs IST

Forehand vs backhand

It has been a game where Novak’s backhand and Federer’s forehand have proved lethal. Federer is winning games on his serve while Novak wins when he takes into a tie-breaker.

21:44 hrs IST

Fifth set starts on similar note

Djokovic won the first game of the set on his serve which has been integral to his success in the match. If he manages to hold his serve then he could be in an advantageous position.

21:37 hrs IST

Federer claims fourth set

The match will now be decided in the final set as Federer wins the fourth 6-4. This match has been absolutely end-to-end.

21:31 hrs IST

This time Novak breaks Federer

Djokovic has a break point in the fourth set. After a sensational rally, Federer doesn’t let that happen. However, in the next point Djokovic gets that elusive break point against Federer. Novak then wins on his serve to make 4-5 in the fourth set.

21:25 hrs IST

Federer breaks Novak again

Federer has broken Novak two times in the fourth set. He has a 5-2 lead now and looks to serve for the set.

21:18 hrs IST

Federer breaks Djokovic

Federer has managed to break Djokovic in the fourth set. The match has been decided on the break and now Novak has a tough task of taking a game on Federer’s serve.

21:13 hrs IST

2-2 in fourth set

Both the players are not giving an inch to each other in the match. They look unstoppable on their serves.

21:10 hrs IST

Federer levels it

Federer hasn’t lost a single break point in the match and he maintains that record in the fourth set also as wins the second game.

21:01 hrs IST

Djokovic wins first game

Djokovic has started the fourth set on a positive note after claiming the first game.

20:58 hrs IST

Djokovic wins third set

Djokovic is 3-0 up in the third set tie-breaker. Federer needs to win on his serve but is unable to as Djokovic goes 5-1 up. Federer hits back but Djokovic is too strong and takes the third set.

20:48 hrs IST

Novak takes it into a tie-breaker

Djokovic is also not giving an inch to Federer in the third set. The third set is headed towards another tie-breaker.

20:44 hrs IST

Federer makes it 6-5

Federer has another chance to break Novak and take the set after winning on his serve.

20:40 hrs IST

Novak levels set 5-5

Its 30-30 on Novak’s serve. He needs just 2 points to win the third set. He has a set point now after winning a great rally with an amazing drop shot. But Novak manages to crawl back and win the game to level the third set 5-5.

20:37 hrs IST

Federer wins on his serve

Novak had a 0-30 lead but Federer stormed back to win the game and take a 5-4 lead in the third set.

20:35 hrs IST

It stays even

The third set is also following the arc from the first set. Both are winning on their serves while looking precarious in the other players serve. 7-6, 1-6, 4-4 Djokovic

20:31 hrs IST

No stopping Federer

Federer nails an ace to take the game from Djokovic. On his serve, the Swiss ace looks unstoppable.

20:28 hrs IST

3-3 in third set

Federer hits an unforced error as Djokovic claims the game. He looks in his elements now.

20:25 hrs IST

Federer wins again

The serve and volley game of Federer is working well against Djokovic in the final. He hasn’t lost a single break point in the match.

20:20 hrs IST

2-2 in third set

Novak is making sure that Federer is not able to break him in the third set. He looks like a renewed force in the third set.

20:17 hrs IST

2-1 to Federer

Federer is proving unbreakable on his serve in the Wimbledon final. His forehands and backhands are flowing smoothly.

20:15 hrs IST

Djokovic hits back

Unlike the second set, Djokovic wins on his serve. He will look to continue that if wants to break Federer’s momentum.

20:11 hrs IST

6-7, 6-1, 1-0 to Federer

Federer is now dominating the match and has taken the first game in the third set.

20:08 hrs IST

Federer wins second set

Federer leads 0-30 in the game and looks to break Djokovic again. And manages to do that to take the second set and level the match 1-1. It is 6-7, 6-1 to Federer.

20:00 hrs IST

5-1 to Federer

Novak is inching back in the second set after a horrendous display in the first 4 games. But Federer has too much in his arsenal as he takes another game.

19:58 hrs IST

Novak finally takes a game

Novak Djokovic has won a game after Federer broke him in the last two. It is 4-1 to Federer in the second set

19:53 hrs IST

4-0 to Federer

After Federer had three game points, Novak has taken the next two points. But Federer takes the game with an ace.

19:50 hrs IST

Federer breaks Djokovic again

Djokovic’s intensity has dropped and he has now given Federer three break points. And Federer takes advantage of that as he wins another break point. 6-7, 0-3 to Federer now.

19:48 hrs IST

Federer leads 2-0 in second set

Federer has taken the initiative in the second set and has taken a 2-0 lead. Novak has to break Federer to have a chance in the second set.

19:45 hrs IST

6-7, 0-1 to Federer

Federer has two break points in the second set. Novak makes an unforced error as Federer is the first one to win a break point in the final.

19:40 hrs IST

Novak takes the first set.

The first two points of the tie-breaker has been shared by Novak and Federer. Djokovic is leading 3-1 after taking three straight points. Federer levels it 3-3 with an amazing forehand. He is now leading in the tie-breaker 5-3 but makes two unforced errors to get Djokovic back into the match. Then Novak makes short work to take two straigh points to win the first set.

19:28 hrs IST

6-6 in first set

Djokovic starts with an ace and then gets the next point with a pin-point drop shot. He takes the game with another ace.

19:28 hrs IST

6-5 to Federer

Federer is absolutely dominating with his forehands. It was thought that making Federer run around at the court will be Djokovic’s strategy but Roger is doing the same to him. He is spraying his shots around to make Djokovic work for his points.

19:23 hrs IST

Djokovic hits back

Its 5-5 in the first set now. The game went into deuce but Djokovic eventually powered through with some continuous winners.

19:17 hrs IST

15-30 to Federer in tenth game

Federer is leading in the tenth game. Great drop shot from Federer to lead in the game but Djokovic hits back with an ace.

19:11 hrs IST

Advantage Federer

It’s 5-4 in favour of Roger Federer. None of them are ceding any ground in this hard-fought final and it looks like the set can be decided in the tiebreaker. Fascinating tennis by both of them as both of them have held their service till now.

18:55 hrs IST

Novak takes the fourth game

After getting a tough fight, Novak finally managed to get past Federer to win the fourth game.

18:55 hrs IST

Federer giving tough fight

Federer absolutely nails his forehand to get the fourth game into deuce. Federer is nailing most of his forehand shots in crunch situations. The game has gone into a third deuce. Federer has a break point now. But Novak strikes back.

18:47 hrs IST

Third game goes to Federer

He faced some fight from Novak but Federer eventually managed to hold his serve.

18:47 hrs IST

Novak wins second game

Novak has immediately hit back on his serve, winning the game without giving even a single point to Federer.

18:43 hrs IST

Federer takes first game

Federer has started the match on a positive note after taking the first game off his own serve. Backhands and forehands are flowing smoothly from his hands.

18:40 hrs IST

The match starts

The first set has begun with Federer taking the first two points on his serve.

18:36 hrs IST

Djokovic and Federer out on the court

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer are out on the centre court. They are practising with each other to get their body juices flowing. A blockbuster final is about to begin.

18:23 hrs IST

Big three continue to dominate

Djokovic, Nadal and Federer have won the last 11 majors while also capturing 15 of the last 17 Grand Slams. It gets even more impressive as 54 of the last 65 majors have been won by the BIG 3.

18:04 hrs IST

Djokovic yet to be tested

Djokovic’s played a top-10 player in his road to the finals yet. The highest-ranked player Djokovic played against was 21st-seeded David Goffin in the quarter-finals.

17:50 hrs IST

Federer confident

“It’s been a rock solid year for me. I won in Halle (on grass on the eve of Wimbledon). The stars are aligned right now,” said Federer.

“From that standpoint I can go into the match very confident.”

17:18 hrs IST

Federer aiming for big record

Federer will turn 38 next month and is now aiming to become the oldest Slam champion of the Open era, breaking Ken Rosewall’s record at the 1972 Australian Open.

17:18 hrs IST

Novak unbeaten vs Federer

In the last 4 meetings at a Grand Slam, Novak is unbeaten against Federer. In fact, Federer hasn’t beaten Djokovic in the last seven years.

17:10 hrs IST

Novak dominant against Federer

The Serbian has defeated Federer 14 times in their last 20 meetings. If we look at the last 10 matches then Novak has emerged victorious eight times.