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74-year-old woman pronounced dead found alive at funeral home

Jun 05, 2024 06:55 AM IST

74-year-old Constance Glantz was pronounced dead in hospice care. However, when she was taken to a funeral home, a staff member noticed her breathing.

An elderly woman who was declared dead in hospice care reportedly came back to life after she was taken to a funeral home. As per reports, a staff member at the funeral home noticed that the 74-year-old was breathing and performed CPR on her. She was pronounced dead two hours prior to this incident.

The woman was found breathing at a funeral home two hours after being pronounced dead. (Pexels/Pavel Danilyuk)

“A physician had seen her in the last seven days, and the physician is willing to sign the death certificate, and that there was nothing suspicious at that time of the death – all of those fit.” the sheriff’s chief deputy in Lancaster County, Nebraska told CNN.

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DailyMail also shared an Instagram video showing the sheriff’s office providing information about this incident. “Constance Glantz, 74, was pronounced dead while in hospice care, and was transported to a Nebraska funeral home,” the outlet wrote.

“An employee was placing her on the table to begin preparing her body, when they noticed she was still breathing. Staff began performing CPR on Glantz before she was transported to a local hospital. The sheriff’s office says it has not found any criminal intent by the nursing home, but the investigation is ongoing,” the outlet added.

Take a look at the footage here:

The post has prompted people to share varied comments. One individual wrote, “And THIS is why old graves used to have bells next to the headstones that were strung down to the coffin”.

Another added, “What in the world?! In this day and age?”

A third joined, “How could this ever happen?”

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“At this point, we have not been able to find any criminal intent by the nursing home, but the investigation is ongoing,” Chief Deputy Ben Houchin told CNN, adding, “I’m sure the nursing home and everybody else is going to be taking a look into what has happened, and I’m sure they’ll look and see if new protocols need to be made and if they were all followed,”

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