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Dog runs back to daycare to get help after her owner gets into a car accident. Watch

ByTrisha Sengupta
Mar 09, 2024 03:31 PM IST

During the accident, the car windows were rolled down, and the dog jumped out to return to her doggy daycare to get help for her owner.

A video of a dog standing in front of a doggy daycare trying to get the attention of the employees inside has gone viral. The dog reached the place after she and her owner got into a car accident at a spot about a mile away. She ran back from the accident scene to the daycare to get help.

The image shows the dog who returned to her daycare to seek help after her owner got into a car accident. (Instagram/@weratedogs)

Instagram page We Rate Dogs shared about the smart dog. "This is Aries. She and her human were driving to the park when they were involved in a car accident. Aries went out the open window and bolted from the scene. Her human, Melissa Fickel, was afraid she would never see her dog again. About an hour later, she received a call from Aries' doggy daycare, Hounds Town Metro Detroit. She had run over a mile, right to their door," We Rate Dogs wrote. The place's owner, Travis Ogden, immediately called Fickel to inform her that Aries was safe.

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The doggy daycare took to Instagram to share a video that shows Aries in front of the place after the accident. It also shows Fickel, who shares about the incident and expresses her love for her pet dog.

Take a look at the video of the smart dog:

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Both videos received tons of likes and comments from people. Netizens were overjoyed and couldn't stop praising Aries.

How did Instagram users react to this incident?

"Wow, dogs are truly the best," shared an Instagram user.

"Thank you for helping Aries and Melissa! What a lovely end to a difficult experience!" posted another.

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"I get lost on the way to the grocery store, and I've lived in the same neighbourhood for nine years. Aries! You're a genius," expressed another.

"Okay, I am done with the internet today. Wrapping it up on a pawsitive note, can only go downhill from here. Bless this smart little baby. And also, big props to the daycare… you know they're good when doggo takes themselves there!" commented a fourth.

"I love this so much. She knew where to go to get someone she trusted. Such a smart baby," wrote a fifth.

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