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These circles change colours depending on where you look. What do you see?

ByTrisha Sengupta
Jul 02, 2023 07:36 PM IST

An optical illusion was shared on Twitter that shows how a few circles change colours depending on where you look. It has left people baffled.

Optical illusions are interesting as they create a moment where reality and perception intertwine. Not to forget they are often mind-boggling which most of the time leave people entertained. Probably that is the reason people love such posts that challenge their visual perception and also trick their brains into seeing something that is not really there. One such optical illusion shared on Twitter has left people scratching their heads and may have the same effect on you too. In this optical illusion, there are multiple circles that change their colours and positions depending on where you look.

What colour circles do you see in this optical illusion? (Twitter/@TheFigen_)
What colour circles do you see in this optical illusion? (Twitter/@TheFigen_)

What is the optical illusion all about?

The optical illusion was originally shared a few years ago. However, every now and then it resurfaces on the internet and leaves people baffled. Recently, it was shared on Twitter along with a set of instructions for netizens. “If you follow the pink circle you will see all pink. The moving circle will be green if you focus on the ‘+’ in the middle. If you focus long on the ‘+' in the middle, the pink circles will disappear and only the rotating green circle will remain,” reads the caption.

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Take a look at the optical illusion to see if it works for you:

Did the optical illusion work for you? As for Twitter users, many took to the comments section of the video to share their wonder.

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Here’s how Twitter users reacted to the post about circle-related optical illusion:

“Oh wow! It works,” commented a Twitter user. “Awesome,” posted another. “It works!,” added a third. “If you focus on the bottom pink circle, you will see one green circle move around,” joined a fourth. “You're right! Wow…..,” wrote a fifth.

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