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UK café charges differently based on how polite or rude one is. See pic of menu

Published on Oct 17, 2022 11:37 AM IST

A menu of a café in the UK has been going viral because of how differently they charge customers based on how rude or polite they are while ordering.

The menu of UK's Chaii Stop café that has been going viral for charging customers differently based on their manners. (instagram/@chaiistop_)
BySohini Sengupta

Mostly, people are respectful and polite when trying to talk to staff at a restaurant when they are placing their orders and the like. However, this is obviously not the case all the time and people often end up being rude to the staff for no reason. One tea/coffee store in the UK is trying to bring about some positive change with the help of their new menu, which doubles the price for customers who don't behave properly. The Chaii Stop in Preston overcharges those who are disrespectful while giving discounts to those who are courteous.

A photo of their menu card has been going viral over social media. It outlines how they will be charging differently based on how people place orders for their tea and what words they use during it. The caption that accompanies this photo reads, “Being polite definitely goes a long way.” It is accompanied by the emoji of a smiling face.

Here’s a pic of the menu that has been going viral:

Since it was posted five days ago, this photo has amassed over 350 likes.

"This is brilliant," a person on Instagram wrote. A second added, "Manners don't cost a thing! Love this!" A third comment read, "Great initiative." A fourth commented, “Great message. ” It was accompanied by the emoji of a red heart.

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