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Bigg Boss Tamil 2, episode 9: Mahat shocks Balaji by getting into bed with Yaashika, Aishwarya

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, episode 9: Mahat has Balaji and Janani fooled when he gets into bed with Yaashika and Aishwarya.

tv Updated: Jun 26, 2018 13:55 IST
Hindustan Times
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Bigg Boss Tamil 2, episode 9: Mahat plays a prank and Balaji falls prey.

The housemates got ready to retire in Bigg Boss Tamil 2 and the lights went off. Suddenly Balaji realised that Mahat is missing and searched for him in the house. His search led him to the women’s residence and that is where Mahat is. Aishwarya and Yaashika were sleeping in one bed and Mahat was seen lying between them. Balaji is shocked and he raised his voice to call Janani’s attention. Janani, who had just closed her eyes two minutes ago, is shocked at what’s happening and this leads to the housemates discussing Mahat.

While the contestants in women’s room realised that Mahat just played a prank, men don’t think so and asked Mahat what games he was trying to play. Mahat got irritated and said he was with his friends and nothing about it is cheap as what the men thought. Daniel stopped the argument from going any further.

The next morning, everyone finds out that the kitchen was emptied during the night and there are no ingredients to cook. Nithya tried to make dosa but the gas is switched off; microwave is not working either.

Then Bigg Boss gave the task of the day. The housemates have to choose two men and two women who would be given Rs 4000 to shop for groceries that would be required for one day. At the end of the day, whichever team manages to feed the housemates within the budget would win.

While Daniel and Senrayan are chosen from the men’s team, Mumtaz announced that she and Mamathi would go from the women’s team and shop. Aishwarya was unhappy about this as she said that living by herself in Chennai meant that she had to shop for herself and she was well equipped to take up this challenge.

Vaishnavi, Janani and Ramya are also unhappy with Mumtaz’s plan. In the meantime, the two teams are done shopping. Bigg Boss then instructed the remaining 12 housemates to decide which cart of groceries they choose as ration for the day. The contestant found that the cart with groceries chosen by Mumtaz and Mamathi did not have sugar or salt and hence chose the one selected by Daniel and Senrayan.

Janani announced that Daniel and Senrayan were the winners of this task. The housemates were very happy about having enough ingredients to have a good meal for the day.

Vaishnavi was not very happy and she expressed her frustration to Daniel. She found faults with the excuses that Mumtaz and Mamathi gave for not picking up basic ingredients like salt and sugar.

As the task proceeded, Bigg Boss also made an announcement about the captain of the house. Bigg Boss said that Janani’s captaincy has come to an end and since majority of the housemates said that if Nithya were not in the house, it would be better, she became the captain of the week. This was a chance given to Nithya to prove herself.

Ananth still had a problem with Daniel’s nicknames that he had announced during the weekend episode. While the other contestants took it lightly, Ananth said that it was not okay to take a dig at someone’s profession.

After this Bigg Boss asked the housemates to nominate contestants out of which one person will be evicted in the coming week. Mumtaz, Ponnambalam, Mamathi and Ananth received the maximum votes and stand nominated for evictions. After nominations took place, the housemates retired, but Ponnambalam and Ananth discuss who could possibly be evicted in the coming week.

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First Published: Jun 26, 2018 13:54 IST