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Republican congressman floats extraterrestrial theories. Are UFOs an 'ancient civilization' hiding on earth?

ByPaurush Omar
Jun 29, 2023 05:37 PM IST

With ongoing investigations into government-held technology, Gallagher's statements have added a new dimension to the debate

Republican congressman Mike Gallagher from Wisconsin has raised eyebrows with his unconventional theories about UFOs. During an appearance on the Pat McAfee show, Gallagher suggested that unidentified flying objects could be an "ancient civilization" that has long been concealed on Earth but is now starting to reveal itself. With ongoing investigations into government-held technology, Gallagher's statements have added a new dimension to the debate surrounding UFOs.

Investigating Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Chairman Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., listens during a hearing of a special House committee dedicated to countering China, on Capitol Hill,(AP)

The House Oversight Committee, led by chair James Comer, has launched an investigation into claims that the government possesses technology of extraterrestrial origin. This move follows revelations made by Airforce veteran David Grusch, who alleged that the government had acquired "non-human origin technical vehicles" containing "dead pilots." The investigation aims to shed light on these claims and explore the potential truth behind UFO sightings.

Terminator Theory and Ancient Civilizations

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Gallagher delved into two intriguing hypotheses during his appearance on the show. He mentioned the "Terminator" theory, speculating that UFOs could be humans from the future. Another possibility he raised was the existence of an ancient civilization that has been hiding on Earth and is now emerging. These speculations captured the attention of the audience and sparked comparisons to popular culture references like the Transformers franchise.

Adversarial Nations and Advanced Technology

While discussing the worst-case scenario, Gallagher expressed concerns that UFO sightings might involve advanced technology developed by rival nations. He specifically mentioned China's potential weapons developments as a starting point for his interest in the UFO discussion. The congressman highlighted the importance of exploring this possibility to ensure national security.

Testimonies and Whistleblowers

Gallagher confirmed that the investigation into UFO claims involves multiple whistleblowers who have held high-level clearances within the government. However, due to their fear of repercussions, they have chosen to remain anonymous. The congressman emphasized the need to create an environment where individuals feel comfortable sharing their experiences without facing ridicule or stigmatization.

Resistance Within the Bureaucracy

Gallagher shed light on the challenges faced when seeking information from the defense department and intelligence community. He disclosed that his requests for information regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena have yet to receive a response from U.S. intelligence agencies. The congressman believes that fostering open discussions on the topic will help break down resistance and encourage transparency.

Both the Department of Defense and NASA have publicly stated that they do not possess evidence of extraterrestrial life or government programs dedicated to reverse-engineering alien technology. While Gallagher's theories add an intriguing twist to the UFO discourse, the official stance remains unchanged.

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Mike Gallagher's recent appearance on the Pat McAfee show has stirred up the discussion surrounding UFOs. By introducing the possibilities of an "ancient civilization" and humans from the future, the Republican congressman has added a new layer of speculation to the ongoing investigations into UFO sightings. As the inquiry progresses, the hope is to encourage open dialogue and destigmatize discussions about UFOs, ultimately striving for greater understanding of these mysterious phenomena.

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