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Civil Lines murder: A tale of betrayal and blackmail

delhi Updated: May 11, 2016 23:36 IST
Ananya Bhardwaj
Civil lines murder

Navin shot dead his lover Anjali after she threatened to leak their private videos to his wife.(Hindustan Times)

Navin was on his honeymoon when Anjali, also married, started sending him messages threatening to leak their ‘private videos’ to his wife and in-laws. He had reportedly tried to delete those videos and audio clips from her phone earlier, but they got saved in the media card and were revived.

“Navin desperately wanted those videos deleted and agreed to meet Anjali. He even took the pistol with him that he had bought in March with the intention to murder Anjali. He kept the pistol ready in his dashboard when they met. After a brief argument, he took out the pistol and shot her in the right temple,” a police source said.

”Navin had borrowed R5 Lakh from Anjali and could not return it,” the source said.

Series of lies

After killing Anjali, Navin called her sister informing about her death. He told her that upset over his marriage, Anjali committed suicide and that he was going to kill himself with the same pistol. He started to cry on the phone and told her sister that he loved Anjali and had married another woman under family pressure. He then disconnected the call and sat in the car beside Anjali body.

“Anjali’s sister called the police and a team stationed in the area reached the spot. Navin was not expecting the police. He started to fumble and narrated the same story to the police,” an investigator said.

“Navin had started dating Nisha, with whom he got married eventually, while he was in a relationship with Anjali. Nisha told us that he was very happy and had a courtship period of three months before they married,” he added.

Evidence that gave him away

The seemingly unrelated communication on WhatsApp chat, Navin’s body language and entry-exit wounds of the bullet were the major giveaways, sources confirmed.

“Navin kept rubbing his right hand. During investigation when we went through the chats of the couple, the messages on both phones seemed unrelated. It showed that he had selectively deleted a few messages,” police sources said.

“The entry-exit wound of the bullet was a major evidence. If the woman had shot herself sitting inside the car, the bullet would not have exited straight from her left temple because the hand would not be that stable. It is difficult to get that angle straight. The bullet will hit straight only if someone else points it at your temple and shoots,” they said.

Also, there were blood spots on Naveen’s wrist which suggested that he shot Anjali with his right hand. “The blood on his wrist suggested he held the gun to her temple and opened fire. We have strong evidence against him,” police said.

Navin has been sent to police custody for four days.