Rohit Bharadwaj ditched foreign education to play Yudhishter

  • Yashika Mathur, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Aug 21, 2015 20:54 IST
Actor Rohit Bharadwaj, who played Yudhister in the 2014 TV series Mahabharat, wanted to study abroad after graduation.

While most actors say that they were determined to be a part of showbiz from a very early age, TV actor Rohit Bharadwaj (right) is an exception. He says that although he wanted to study abroad and lead a simple life, it was in his destiny to become a ­television actor.

“My plan of action was to go abroad for higher studies after graduation. I never imagined that one day I would act in a television ­serial and become a known face,” says Rohit, who played the role of Yudhishter in the show Mahabharat (2014).

“After my graduation, I had three months of free time for soul searching. I wanted some kind of change and joined theatre after a friend advised me to take up acting. Those three months turned into three years and I am an actor now! I think it was bound to happen. It was part of ­destiny’s plan,” he adds.

The actor, who was ­recently in Indonesia to host a show, says that it is fans who make a star. “We, as actors, need to be grounded at all times. It is our fans who make us what we are. So, we shouldn’t let stardom get to us. I never expected that ­people would appreciate my work so much,” he says.

But when does he plan to come back to Indian TV? “Very soon. I can’t wait to get a role that will help me ­entertain my fans again,” he says.

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