IS will blow up train, announce pranksters in Manhattan subway

  • PTI, New York
  • Updated: Feb 08, 2016 08:37 IST
Two youth in their 20s announced from the conductor’s booth that Islamic State (IS) is “hijacking” the train and will blow it up. (Reuters File)

Two pranksters sparked a scare in a Manhattan subway train after they broke into the conductor’s booth and announced on the public address system that Islamic State (IS) is “hijacking” the train and will blow it up.

The startling announcement aboard the Brooklyn-bound R train had riders scurrying out of the train when it pulled into the next stop. The suspects also slipped off the train at the next stop.

The two mischievous pranksters, in their 20s, broke into the conductor’s booth last Thursday and announced over the loudspeaker that they were IS members set to “blow up the train”, police sources were quoted as saying by the New York Post.

Passenger Lauren Crozier, a 30-year-old actor, was aboard the train heading to her home in Sunset Park when the declaration came over the loudspeaker.

“At first there was some singing, it wasn’t really audible. Then we heard, ‘All hail ISIS!’“ Crozier was quoted as saying.

“Everyone took their earbuds out and stared at each other. I’m not sure any of us thought it was a credible threat. Not after the first moment, anyway,” he said.

Crozier said the suspects making the announcement also said, “This train has been hijacked”.

She said that once the train pulled into the next station, “the whole train emptied out”.

The train was taken out of service and taken to the Jamaica Yards in Queens, where an investigation was conducted.

A police source was quoted as saying, “it was a hoax and there was no credible threat.”

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