Think you’re the ultimate  Led Zeppelin fan? Take this quiz
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Think you’re the ultimate Led Zeppelin fan? Take this quiz

With the iconic rock band turning 50 this year, put your fandom to test. We’ve got more than Stairway to Heaven for you. Answers at the end

art and culture Updated: Feb 17, 2018 19:33 IST
Rachel Lopez
Rachel Lopez
Hindustan Times
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Ready for a rocking quiz?

Are you a ledhead or a deadhead? The British band has rocked hard and lived large, and will release an illustrated book this year as part of their golden anniversary celebrations. But how much do you know them?

1. Plant, Page, Jones and Bonham’s 50-year old band didn’t start out as Led Zeppelin. What were they first called?



New Yardbirds


2. The band used an electronic instrument that created music without physical contact by the performer. What is it called?

Electric ribbon




3. How many Grammy awards has the band won in 50 years?





4. Led Zeppelin received a lot of criticism in their early years. Which of these unkind epithets did a reviewer at Rolling Stone suggest as the band’s new name?

Dread Zeppelin

Limp Blimp

Lead Heads

Zeppelin Off

5. “All I see turns to brown/ As the sun burns the ground/ And my eyes fill with sand/ As I scan this wasted land/ Try to find, try to find the way I feel”. These are lyrics from which Zeppelin hit?

The Song Remains The Same


Custard Pie

The Immigrant Song

6. What connects the band to the hexagonal basalt columns that form the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland?

Stairway To Heaven was written there

The columns have mystical connections, which inspired their later work

It’s where the album cover for Houses Of The Holy was shot

They were going to play a concert there before one member passed away

7. Led Zeppelin were the first band to have their own plane. It had a fake fireplace, waterbed, built-in organ and a brass-trimmed bar. What was the plane called?

Great Gig In The Sky

Mile High Club



8. Which of these is not a Led Zeppelin album?


Led Zeppelin II

Physical Graffiti

All That You Can’t Remember

9. What kind of guitar is most associated with Jimmy Page?

Ibanez electric

Gibson double-neck

Fender Stratocaster

Rickenbacker 360

10. Which of these bands claims to have taken inspiration from Led Zeppelin?

The White Stripes

Queens Of The Stone Age



Velvet revolver


All of them


1. New Yardbirds

2. Theremin

3. Four

4. Limp Blimp

5. Kashmir

6. It’s where the album cover for Houses of the Holy was shot

7. Starship

8. All That You Can’t Remember

9. Gibson double-neck

10. All of them

First Published: Feb 17, 2018 19:33 IST