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Four Mercury Retrogades in 2024: How it will impact your sun sign

Dec 12, 2023 03:11 PM IST

In 2024, when Mercury retrogrades four times , it might cause some issues for people based on their birth chart. Know how this event will affect your sun sign.

Mercury is a super important planet in astrology because of where it sits in our solar system. When it goes into retrograde, it looks like it's moving backwards. Hence, its movement disruptions on Earth, making communication and plans a bit tricky for a few weeks.

The image shows the planet Mercury, smallest planet in our solar system. (Instagram/@nasa)
The image shows the planet Mercury, smallest planet in our solar system. (Instagram/@nasa)

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Each person has their own astrological map called a birth chart. It shows where planets were when they were born. Astrologers use this chart to see how Mercury's backward movement might affect different parts of a person's life, like their past, present, and future.

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In 2024, when Mercury goes retrograde, it might cause some issues for people based on their birth chart. Astrologers look at these details to figure out what it could mean for each zodiac sign during that time.

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1. First Mercury Retrograde of 2024 from December 13, 2023, and January 1, 2024: Mercury begins its retrograde motion first in Capricorn and then in Sagittarius. During this period, it appears as though Mercury is moving backwards in its orbit, influencing the start of the New Year. People tend to feel motivated, enthusiastic, and confident, leading to impulsive decision-making. However, it's advisable to exercise caution and refrain from making major life choices until after this phase concludes to avoid potential chaos or unforeseen consequences.

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2. Second Mercury Retrograde of 2024 from April 1 to April 24, 2024: Mercury retrogrades in the fiery sign of Aries. Aries individuals often possess high energy levels and a quick decision-making approach. This might result in tensions and conflicts among different zodiac signs. It's crucial for everyone, particularly those influenced by fire signs, to contemplate their words before expressing themselves. Hastiness in communication might inadvertently cause emotional hurt or disputes.

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3. Third Mercury Retrograde of 2024 from August 4 and August 27: Mercury retrogrades initially in Virgo before transitioning into Leo. The initial phase emphasizes attention to detail and meticulousness in tasks. However, as Mercury moves into Leo, communication might become challenging. Leo's personality typically values admiration but struggles with criticism. This period may pose difficulties, especially concerning matters of love. It's essential for all individuals to exercise caution in their communication to prevent confusion or misunderstandings.

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4. Fourth Mercury Retrograde of 2024 from November 25 to December 15: Mercury undergoes retrograde motion once more, this time within Sagittarius. Occurring amidst the holiday season, this phase could disrupt travel plans and family gatherings. It's advisable for everyone to meticulously review their travel arrangements and confirm bookings to prevent potential complications. Moreover, refraining from unnecessary arguments can help avoid subsequent regrets or conflicts.

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