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Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Tarot prediction for July 3 to July 9, 2022

Published on Jul 03, 2022 01:00 AM IST

Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Tarot prediction for July 3 to July 9, 2022. What do the cards have in store for Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and other zodiac signs for this week?

Read on to find out your Tarot reading for the coming week.(Unsplash)
By, Delhi

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20)

Love: The Magician

Mood: Four of Coins

Career: The Empress

Fresh challenges may crop up unexpectedly this week. Staying focused on your target is likely to bring immense professional success. On the domestic front, the marriage ceremony of a younger sibling is likely to keep everyone busy and in a cheerful mood. Your relationship with your significant other is likely to improve as you plan a weekend getaway with them. Moderation and discipline in lifestyle choices would give a boost to your health. Travelling may bring you inner peace, helping you reconnect with nature. Those looking for alternate accommodation may find a suitable one. Money loaned to someone is not likely to be received in the expected time frame. This may put a dent in your budget. Students may have to toil hard to make the requisite grade.

Lucky Number: 22

Lucky Colour: Turquoise

TAURUS (Apr 21-May 20)

Love: King of Wands

Mood: Knight of Coins

Career: Six of Swords

You are likely to follow your heart when it comes to making harsh decisions. This may not only bring you success but also give you satisfaction. On the professional front, you may excel at the tasks that you undertake. This may increase your chances of a promotion. The week appears promising for new investments. An old money-making scheme may bring handsome gains. Those in a long-term relationship are likely to take their long-term bond to the altar. Family is likely to be supportive of you in all your endeavours. The blessing of your loved ones may make things auspicious for you. On the health front, those suffering from chronic ailments may have to seek medical attention. You can plan a trip to the amusement park with your near and dear ones.

Lucky Number: 6

Lucky Colour: Turquoise

GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21)

Love: Six of Swords

Mood: Temperance

Career: Knight of Coins

Your well-planned strategies may keep you in an upbeat mood. This may enable you to handle stressful situations with ease. A short getaway or a day-long picnic may give you the perfect opportunity to strengthen your relationships. Your bosses may be happy with your performance and a monetary bonus may be on the cards for you. A new family business is likely to do well. This may help you clear your pending dues and purchase things of importance. Singles may enter into a new bond, but being judgmental may take away the joy from your love life. Family relationships are likely to strengthen as you make efforts to be reasonable. Fitness-conscious people are likely to stay in good shape with their disciplined lifestyle.

Lucky Number: 1

Lucky Colour: Golden

CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 22)

Love: The Lover

Mood: Temperance

Career: Five of Coins

Your leadership qualities may make you a trailblazer and trendsetter this week. You may find yourself energised and enthusiastic to undertake new tasks on the professional front. This may get you closer to your dreams. A lucrative investment scheme may be presented to you. However, do not rush into things or you are likely to incur losses. Stay away from negative behaviour at home. There are chances that peace and harmony may be disrupted. Intimacy and passions are likely to be at their peak this week. It may encourage you to confide in each other better. Some weather-related allergies may bother you. Remain alert and do not ignore preventive care. Students desirous of going abroad for studies may get good news.

Lucky Number: 11

Lucky Colour: Pink

LEO (Jul 23-Aug 23)

Love: The Tower

Mood: The Sun

Career: Chariot

Your patience is likely to pay off and you may achieve your goals more quickly. Some of you may have to travel overseas for a new prestigious project. It is likely to bring rich gains in the coming weeks. Cash loaned to someone may be returned on time. It may consolidate your finances. Some of you may start recreational activities to relieve stress. Yoga is likely to have a positive impact on your overall wellbeing. A sauna or massage session too may help rejuvenate you. On the romantic front, those in a long-distance relationship may find it difficult to adjust. Mutual trust is likely to be on the decline. Your packed schedule may make it difficult to give time to family. Do not let your enthusiasm die down and participate eagerly to avoid disappointing family members.

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Colour: Sandy Brown

VIRGO (Aug 24-Sept 23)

Love: Three of Wands

Mood: Three of Coins

Career: Judgement

Your efficiency to finish tasks quickly may give you time to relax. Some of you may receive good gains from a new business start-up. Your romantic bond is likely to strengthen with your persistent efforts. You may notice an increase in warmth and affection. On the job front, delays of any kind may make you work harder. However, this may take you towards success more quickly. Being lax about physical activity and meditation may give rise to stress. It may affect your mental state eventually. You are likely to get into frequent arguments with your siblings over trivial matters. Be understanding and accommodative to ensure harmony prevails at home. Do not make hasty decisions about ancestral property. They may only bring you losses.

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Colour: Sea Green

LIBRA (Sept 24-Oct 23)

Love: The Emperor

Mood: The Fool

Career: The World

This could be a week of achievements and accolades. You are likely to accomplish your set targets way before you even realize it. You are likely to be filled with enthusiasm, which may improve your productivity on the professional front. An auspicious celebration to mark an achievement may strengthen your ties and improve your relationships. You are likely to get a breakthrough in your finances. An overseas contact may help you expand your business, which is likely to bring gains. Giving the gift of time to your partner is likely to have a positive impact on your relationship. It is advisable to undertake a journey only if it is absolutely necessary. On the health front, you may get to enjoy mental happiness as you get to relieve your stress through meditation.

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Colour: Silver

SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22)

Love: Two of Cups

Mood: Devil

Career: Knight of Swords

Your intellect and talent are likely to help you attain success in everything you do. The knack of getting your work done quickly is likely to bring you appreciation on the social front. Your loved ones are likely to celebrate your success. This may enhance harmony at home. You may get into the company of health-conscious individuals to join a fitness class. This is likely to show positive results on your overall wellbeing. On the romantic front, your caring nature may bring your significant other closer to you on an emotional level. You may be confronted with challenging situations at the workplace. These may need the intervention of senior colleagues. Investing in long-term schemes in haste may block your money. Do your homework before investing.

Lucky Number: 1

Lucky Colour: Orange

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21)

Love: Nine of Cups

Mood: The Strength

Career: Two of Wands

It may be a good time for you to succeed in your endeavours. You may put in all your efforts to move ahead in life. Choosing from multiple lucrative options may benefit you on the professional front. An impending increment may soon come your way. Investment in speculations may bring rich returns. However, do not take unnecessary risks. The situation may remain a bit tense at home. You may not see eye to eye with your loved ones. Those single may meet an interesting person. Without checking for loopholes in property papers, do not commit. A few dormant ailments are likely to recur, causing discomfort. Seeking medical attention may bring relief. An adventure trip may turn out memorable for some.

Lucky Number: 17

Lucky Colour: Lavender

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21)

Love: The Star

Mood: The Hanged man

Career: The Magician

Your motivation may enable you to complete your pending tasks sooner. It is an auspicious time to organize a function or celebration at home. You are likely to remain fit and enjoy the benefits of good health. Morning walks may elevate your mood. You may have to shoulder some unexpected expenses. Making changes in your routine is likely to get you out of bothersome circumstances on the professional front. Love life remains most fulfilling, as the lover showers love and affection on you. You may also meet some special during a long journey. Some of you may get possession of a house or flat booked by you. Careful planning of finances and keeping a tab on spending may bring stability.

Lucky Number: 4

Lucky Colour: Royal Blue

AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19)

Love: The Hermit

Mood: Page of Swords

Career: The Fool

If you want to make your dreams come true, chasing them may not suffice; you may have to work hard for them to come to fruition. Sporting activities are likely to keep you in good shape. Positivity may reflect on your mental health as well. You may find money rolling in from unexpected sources. This may encourage you to seek investment plans. Those freelancing for a while now may bag a prestigious project very soon. If you are awaiting the outcome of any project or an endeavor; rest easy, the results will be positive. Those of you looking for love may get to meet a like-minded person at a family gathering. You may succeed in resolving all misunderstandings during a family function.

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Colour: Sandy Brown

PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20)

Love: Three of Coins

Mood: Hierophant

Career: Strength

Your independent thoughts are likely to bring you recognition on a larger platform. A new fitness training program may show positive effects on you. Your emotions may be at an all-time high while you are with your romantic partner. This may bring you two, closer. Trivial matters may give rise to arguments. Keeping your calm may help you restore peace and normalcy at home. On the professional front, you may be given extra responsibilities to shoulder, which is likely to keep you tied up. Your stress levels may increase. Financial advice from friends may not prove as good as it may sound. You don’t have to listen to everyone, rather use your intuition. Take the retreat while you can to break the monotony of the daily grind.

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Colour: Orange

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