Happy birthday Kangana Ranaut: Queen's top 5 performances

As she turns 27 on Sunday, we look at the decade that the actress has spent in Bollywood and come up with her best five performances.

bollywood Updated: Mar 23, 2014 08:39 IST
Kangana Ranaut,Gangster,Tanu Weds Manu

As she turns 27 on Sunday, we look at the decade that the actress has spent in Bollywood and come up with her best five performances.


Kangana Ranaut

stepped into the shoes of a gangster's moll with aplomb. She, in fact, stole the limelight from the male actors in the film Emraan Hashmi and Shiney Ahuja.

"Gangster is about a girl. And what a girl she is. Despite her lovely ringlets of hair and a decidedly come-hither fashion sense, Simran (Kangana) is a drunk. A seemingly irredeemable alcoholic, her tongue desperately seeking out the last drops of whiskey, she is a character occasionally frustrating at first but one that gradually becomes alarmingly relatable. You might not know a girl who used to date a Mafioso, but this pretty one drinking herself unconscious is very real indeed," wrote Raja Sen, Rediff in his review.


Kangana Ranaut - From tragedy queen to queen of hearts


Though Kangana played supporting role in Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion, she found herself in the middle of critical acclaim from all quarters.

"Excelling on the catwalk as well as in the moments of self-destruction, Ranaut's is the terrific, show-stopping performance. Applause, please. The show does belong to Kangana Ranaut, who once again after Gangster and Woh Lamhe, seems to be replaying something deeply disturbing within her," wrote Khalid Mohamed in his review for Hindustan Times.

Tanu Weds Manu

: Just when the actor was getting typecast in the role of a tragedy queen, and was touted as the next Meena Kumari of Bollywood, she decided to give her image a makeover by starring in Anand L Rai's Tanu Weds Manu.

"For all her care-a-damn attitude, Tanu, just like her fierce curls and gentle countenance, is a fascinating paradox hopping between edgy and erratic, a soft head who sulks randomly, giggles comically, indulges in all possible shock tactics but ultimately does think there's not much difference between her and a 'bandariya.' There's a thin line between silly and stupid but Kangna Ranaut makes Tanu work with her chirpy appeal and energy," wrote Sukanya Verma, Rediff in her review.

Krrish 3:

As a shape-shifting chameleon in Rakesh Roshan's film, Kangana Ranaut once again surprised her audiences. Though the film got a lot of flak from critics, the actor managed to walk away with the accolades. "Kangana, in fact, completely upstages the film's lead actress (Priyanka Chopra). Her presence is far sharper and more impactful," noted Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV in his review.


With Queen

Kangana managed to woo

even the naysayers. Raja Sen wrote in his review for Rediff: "Kangana Ranaut is gobstoppingly spectacular. The actress has always flirted with the unfamiliar but here -- at her most real, at her most gorgeously guileless -- she absolutely shines and the film stands back and lets her rule. There are many natural actresses in Hindi cinema today, but what Ranaut does here, the way she captures both the squeals and the silences of the character, is very special indeed."

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