Actors Bakhhtyar Irani and Delnaaz Irani will have a low-key Raksha Bandhan celebration this year.
Actors Bakhhtyar Irani and Delnaaz Irani will have a low-key Raksha Bandhan celebration this year.

Raksha Bandhan special: Delnaaz takes poore duniya ka strees, I give stress, says Bakhhtyar Irani

Brother-sister duo Bakhhtyar and Delnaaz Irani say they are like chalk and cheese but they always have each other’s back.
Hindustan Times | By Juhi Chakraborty
UPDATED ON AUG 02, 2020 05:59 PM IST

While Raksha Bandhan celebrations will be low-key this year because of the pandemic, brother-sister duo Bakhhtyar and Delnaaz Irani are looking forward to spending the day together. “I’ve bought a very special rakhi for Baktu this year; it’s a Rudraksh bracelet,” shares Delnaaz, while Bakhhtyar, who’s six years younger to her, adds that despite the lockdown, “we were constantly in touch over video calls with each and even occasionally visited one another.” Excerpts: 

How has your relationship evolved over the years?

Delnaaz: We both are chalk and cheese. He’s the youngest in the family and has always been like a baby to me and our elder brother Paurus (who lives in London). Our bond has grown over the years to a point now where I take advice from him. The best thing is that he and Percy (Karkaria; her boyfriend) get along really well. That’s so important for me.

Bakhhtyar: We’re very different individuals. We used to fight a lot during childhood. When we grew up, it was more like ‘I’m here whenever you need me’. I give space to Delnaaz but she knows if she needs me, I’ll leave my house at any point of the day to be with her.  

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What are the major point of differences you have?

Delnaaz: Ye roz phone karne wala bhai nahi hai (laughs). Paurus is that person. But I’m happy with this variation, there’s a kind of balance. Bakhtu is very protective and my 3am friend.

Bakhhtyar: She’s very career oriented and gets upset and takes the burden of the producer on her head. Mujhe bilkul fark nahi padta. She takes duniya ka stress and, I give stress (laughs). She’s the concerned type and I’m the befikre type.

Being a part of the same industry, does sibling rivalry exist in your equation?

Delnaaz: I was instrumental in getting him his first show (Batliwala House No. 43). So how can there be any rivalry? I’m the proudest in whatever he does. I’m very happy that he has found a footing in the industry by himself. I’ve given more years to the industry than him and that respect is there.

Bakhhtyar: She has been here much before me, and has made her mark. She’s not in my league of competition. There’s nothing like that between us. I never compete with family, be it my sister or my wife (Tanaaz Irani; actor). I’m fine if people call me Delnaaz’s brother. I don’t go saying that ‘Excuse me, I’m Bakhhtyar Irani.’

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