Stree song Kamariya, starring Nora Fatehi and salivating men

Nora Fatehi’s dance moves or the band of men around her -- what got your attention in Stree song Kamariya?

bollywood Updated: Aug 09, 2018 18:34 IST
Stre song,Kamariya,Nora Fatehi
Stree song Kamariya features Nora Fatehi with Rajkummar Rao.

Stree song Kamariya has an expert Nora Fatehi pulling off moves that defy gravity and a Rajkummar Rao acting cute in a setting that is anything but. The song is yet another celebration of male toxicity, women being unabashedly objectified and a lot of salivating faces – in Bollywood, we call them item numbers or, if we are being cute like Rao, special numbers.

There is hardly anything special about them. If you so want, you can break down item numbers based on their must-haves – heaving bosoms, lecherous glances, dance moves that settle somewhere in the spectrum of pelvic thrusts and pole dance, and rustic setting. From Munnis to Chamelis, Pinkys to Babies, leading Bollywood female actors have been part of these songs and this trend is in no danger of abating. Not when you get millions of hits and attract audience to theatres, which is largely male, of course. Voyeurism wins the day, once again.

There are a few actors who have taken a stand against them, others who believe they are artistic. They can be both, based on the lyrics and the visuals. But one thing they invariably do is promote sexism. Take that out and you can call item numbers whatever you can. Till then, at the cost of repetition, there won’t be anything special about them. Today, the genre has a new addition in its ranks -- next party has got its dance number!

First Published: Aug 09, 2018 18:34 IST